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Feb 27, 2008 02:35 AM

Miramar Beach Restaurant- Half Moon Bay

I was wondering if there is any reviews (on service and food, I know there's a view) on the Miramar Beach Restaurant. I have been looking for SPECIFIC opinions on the restaurant such as personal experiences and haven't found a whole lot. Thanks for the help!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I've been to the Miramar several times over the years. It's never mentioned on this site as a destination restaurant, and I tend to agree. The view is great from the window tables, 2nd only to Sam's Chowder House where you can sit outside on the beach. I've always felt the service was good at Mirmar -- much better than Sam's. The food unfortunately has been consisently mediocre ... I usually settle at lunch for the crab or shrimp louis which is not bad. Some things really disappoint, e.g. the calamari steak is a frozen patty -- ridiculous for a HMB restaurant with access to fresh Calamari. All in all there are better places in HMB, I believe.

      1. I've only been once, on my birthday year before last. While it was certainly not great, it was a very pleasant experience and the food was solidly decent, some even good. That said, it is most certainly overpriced (you are paying for that view, after all). We actually thought the ceviche was really good. It was fresh, bright, peices of creamy avocado. I had some kind of crab sandwhich, which was pretty good but by no means outstanding. The fries were clearly frozen and kind of mealy and gross. Cocktails were really good, although I don't remember the details. My husband got some kind of crab cake benedict which he liked, but then again he eats anything (I think he's part goat).
        Hope that helps! If you do go, let us know how it is.