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Feb 26, 2008 08:41 PM

Naples Citrus

If I want to load up on citrus in the Naples area, what place is my best bet? I have read about Temple Grove, Stoney's and South Naples Citrus. Is one of these better than the others? What varieities are in peak season right now?

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  1. I am fearing there may be a massive outbreak of scurvy in Southwest Florida. None of you Florida chowhounds have suggestions for some good local fruit?

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    1. re: Josh Resnik

      The Saturday morning farmer's market off Davis Blvd. in east Naples usually has some stands selling inexpensive fresh local citrus. Also Temple Citrus/Ritchey's Produce, on Airport Rd. south of Orange Blossom, but they are more expensive. But be aware that it is getting to be late in the season for Naples-area citrus, and the drought has taken a toll. The fruit of some varieties starts to dry out on the trees at about this time. However, the fruit from further north (Tampa and Orlando areas) will be good later into the Spring.

    2. Hey Josh,

      South Naples Citrus is your answer, either there at the Grove or online at Great selection, quick service, super prices