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Need an interesting restaurant in Arlington Hts area for Sat. night

Four of us are going to a tango show at 8:30 in Arlington Heights and are looking for advice on a nice and hopefully interesting restaurant in Arlington Heights. We live in the Northbrook area so we are familiar with restaurants around here but not in AH. Italian would be nice and Korean or Thai. Or anything else for that matter. Thanks. Don

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  1. There's a Thai restaurant in downtown Arlington Heights, called AltThai. The decor is modern and hip, not your typical ethnic storefront. And the food is excellent. www.altthai.com

    For Italian food, I like Vita Mia, which is in Mount Prospect on Golf Road. Retro Bistro is a bistro in the same strip mall. Both are very good. www.retrobistro.com

    For upscale (but casual) French food, Le Titi de Paris in Arlington Heights is still as good as ever. www.letitideparis.com

    One final mention. Flamingo's Seafood is an outstanding Mexican seafood restaurant in Mount Prospect, with highly creative cuisine. IMHO it's the very best Mexican restaurant in the entire Chicago area. I don't know if they take reservations but I know they've been very busy since being featured on "Check Please". www.flamingosseafood.com

    1. For another Italian suggestion I like Pompeii - a family run italian restaurant at the corner of Lake Cook and Arlington Heights road - I especially lover their artichoke parmisian - made with artichoke hearts - it is delicious

      Pompeii Ristorante & Pizzeria
      4216 N Arlington Heights Rd, Arlington Heights, IL 60004

      1. Why not stay with the Spanish theme and go to La Tasca. Its a tapas restaurant in downtown Arlington Heights across from the train station.

        La Tasca
        25 W. Davis
        Arlington Heights
        (847) 398-2400

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          My husband took me there on our first date. We have since moved and I really miss the place.

        2. If you're thinking Italian, I enjoy Regina's on 27 W Campbell. http://www.reginas.net/ I'm not sure it qualifies as interesting though.

          I'll second Alt Thai and La Tasca for tapas as well.

          1. Fuego's great too. It's next to Regina's, and it has some nice upscale Mexican food, (and good standard Tex-Mex) at very reasonable prices. I especially like the variety of moles they offer, and the margaritas are pretty tasty too! It's usually crazy busy on a Sat. night, though, but you should keep it in mind for a future AH outing.

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              I enjoyed the food at Fuego's but its a place that I would avoid on a weekend night. The wait is too long and the noise level is unbearable. You could barely hear the person sitting next to you. The person across the table might as well have been in another room.

            2. I would second Le Titi de Paris, very good
              If you are interested in Sushi Wildfish is some of the best I'ver ever had www.wildfishsushi.com

              1. There is another GREAT Thai place in downtown Arlington Heights (17 N. Vail Ave.) which is owned by 5 sisters. The food is wonderful and the service is very friendly. All of the other suggestions have been really good too. I have eaten at them all. The only one I did not love was Fuego. It was tasty, but didn't seem super authentic. Sort of reminded me of a Chili's type place.

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                  The name of the Thai restaurant at 17 N. Vail is Bangkok Cafe.

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                    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. We have marked a couple of restaurants for future visits including Flamingo Seafood and Bangkok Cafe. As the other couple looked at the list they singled out Le Titi De Paris so I was able to snag a 6:30 reservation. I intend to bring a bottle of wine even though their corkage fee is the highest I have ever encountered - $35.00 per bottle. So I will bring a special bottle of wine. It has been years since we have eaten there and the menu does look inviting. I will report back on the meal later. Don

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                      We arrived at Le Titi De Paris at our reservation time of 6:30 and we were promptly escorted to our table. The atmosphere is very nice and best of all, we could actually hold a conversation without having to shout and use hand signals! This is a miracle in and of itself these days.

                      I delivered the wine I had brought and the waitress gave it to the sommelier for decanting. We perused the menu and ordered the braised beef over polenta for one appetizer and the tuna appetizer both of which were wonderful and plentiful. My wife also had the mushroom soup and we split a ceasar salad. The soup was also excellent and the salad was fine and for $6.50 was quite reasonable.

                      My wife had the duck, I had the special for the evening, Beef Wellington and the other entree ordered was the salmon. My friend and I each enjoyed the Beef Wellington a great deal. The salmon was also a hit. I loved the duck but then again I concentrated on the thigh while my wife ate most of the duck breast. The thigh was juicy and very flavorful and beautifully cooked but some of the breast slices were a bit dry. The sauces were exc. as was the bread and butter.

                      The desserts we ordered had to be ready quickly as we had an 8:30 event to attend so we ordered the creme brulee and the sorbet. Both were excellent.

                      Coupled with very excellent and attentive service the dinner was a wonderful experience.

                      One funny -after the sommelier decanted the wine he poured himself a small glass for tasting believing that the wine may have come from their cellar. He was mortified when he saw my wine carrying case and realized that it was not their wine. I laughed as I usually share my wine with the sommelier or waiter which always makes them happy. So our experience was very positive.

                      As for cost the bill came to $224.00 with the $35.00 (steep) corkage fee for four people and no other drinks. This includedf 2 appetizers, 1 soup, 1 salad, 4 entrees, 2 desserts and 3 doffees. While I would prefer to spend the same money at Boka or Michaels in Wilmette, and a number of other restaurants in Chicago and the area, it was still nice to have such a fine restaurant out in Arlington Heights. Don