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Feb 26, 2008 07:54 PM

Labeling machines

I'm reorganizing my cupboards ,drawers etc and want to label my nice new containers. Has anyone got any recommendations, warnings about the various labeling machines ? I was looking at the Brother PT line and their laminated tape. Also the Dymo range till I saw a couple of buyers commenting on faded tape. Any help would be welcome

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  1. Ever since I bought one of those Brother machines, I have become an obsessive labeller. My husband is afraid that I'm going to label him. I tried, but he ran away. At any rate, the Brother is good, easy and doesn't fade at all. The tape is expensive, though.

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    1. re: Nyleve

      lol at your comment about labeling husband. :-)

    2. I have a Brother PT. The labels are very nice. The tape is expensive, though, and it is difficult to peel the label from its backing. The built-in cutter wastes a huge amount of tape, leading me to cut with scissors when I'm not being lazy.

      1. No recs on a labeling machine, but a pitch for a simple, low environmental impact solution: the china marker (aka grease pencil). Cheap, writes on plastic, glass, metal, ceramic, etc. Wipes off with a paper towel. You can write directly on containers, no labels or masking tape or batteries needed. China markers come in multiple colors, and you can write on wet surfaces, too.

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          Celeste, I've always wanted to buy a grease pencil, but never knew where to get one. (And, it's never been so high on my list that I really sought one out.) Where does one buy such a thing?

          In response to the OP, i have had used various versions of the Brother label maker over the years (the kind that looks like a baby keyboard), though, never in the kitchen. Have loved them all and see no real difference between models. The longevity is fine, too, have only needed to switch because I've changed jobs and left the label-maker with my co-workers when I moved on...


          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            Hi Dairy Queen, I have found grease pencils both at Staples and WB Mason.

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              Try WalMart, your local Ace or TruValue hardware store, the office supply store, etc. They're not hard to find at all...Berol brand china markers are quite common. In re: another poster's comments on "labeled tupperware", the china marker writes just fine on glass or ceramic. I keep quite a few staples in decorative ceramic canisters, and I always write the item's name, as well as basic instructions, on the back of the canisters in china marker....I can't ever remember the proper water:rice ratio of basmati vs calrose shortgrain vs. long grain, so marking the containers solves my memory problem.

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                Awesome, thank you Celestre and atable. Also, does washing it off require any particular cleaning product?


                1. re: The Dairy Queen

                  Nope. You can rub it off with a paper towel, or soapy sponge. It is a waxy (rather than greasy) substance, so it will often survive a dishwashing cycle, but rubs off with towel.

        2. Thanks for the replies folks. Celeste, I can still see all that tupperware 30yrs ago
          ( binned now and replaced with glass) and I'd really prefer a more professional look to my labels. Another problem......I'm a serious gadget enthusiast, in fact I'm wondering why I didnt think of a label maker years ago. About the Brother Nyleve and embee, yes I'd read about tape wastage and I'd be OK with scissors, I think I could get one snip fairly straight :-) Could you tell me what models you have please ? Some have a lot of bells and whistles but if you think the basic models are fine I'll go with one of those.Thanks for the tip Nyleve, hahaha but speaking of husbands I'll be labeling the linen cupboard shelves first !! hubby doesnt seem to notice towels, sheets, teatowels etc are all in separate stacks.....and I'm talking 30 years here !!

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            I have a PT labeller and love it. I made large pots of soups and stews and divide them up for school lunches. I love that I can print out 10, 12, 17 or 53 labels all at once.

            At least once or twice a year, Staples puts their labelmaker tape in the sales bins, so I stock up. I don't really care about size or colour at 75% off.

          2. The P-Touch hands down.

            I've had some things labeled for ten years and they're all stick stuck and still sharp.