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Feb 26, 2008 07:40 PM

Looking for fig/cheese/bacon app.

I was looking at menu pages the other day and I saw this appetizer somewhere--the problem is I looked at so many menus that I can't find it anymore. It was figs or dates filled with goat or blue cheese then wrapped in bacon. This sounds so good.I really want to try it. Anyone have any ideas for me? Thanks.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I had this "special appetizer - figs, stuffed with gorgonzola, wrapped in prosciutto, battered and fried (deep fried!)" at Coco Pazzo last fall - but it was a special, not on the regular menu - it was amazing.

        1. It was actually probably dates filled with cheese and wrapped in bacon. Its a very common dish at tapas restaurants. Not all of them fill the dates, but some do. I wouold check xunta, la paella, alta and any other tapas restaurant. im sure youll fine it- they should all have some version of it.

          btw, its just as good without the cheese :)

          1. This dish is usually called "devils on horseback." I know they have it at Freeman's, it's delicious

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              Thanks for the responses. I will check the above restaurants & tapa bars out.

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                the have a good version at the spotted pig as well

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                Yep--my favorite part of the meal at Freeman's. I've also seen these on the menu at different Spanish restaurants. Pamplona has a version with dates, but I wouldn't recommend that restaurant.