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does anyone remember Melody cookies?

they were large flat dark chocolate wafers with scalloped edges and big grains of coarse sugar embedded in one side. i remember seeing them up till the seventies and then no more. would love to locate them if they're still made.

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  1. I do remember those cookies as they are my namesake. According to the Nabisco website they have been discontinued :-( They were delish!!!

    1. I remember them also. Once in a while they made vanilla ones also.

      1. my wife and I every few years circle back to wanting to find melody cookies again -- we have such strong childhood memories of enjoying them. so sorry to learn that the definitive nail is in the coffin from Nabisco. Alas. How about a published home version recipe? (Of course, it wouldn;t be the same.....)


        1. I think vendors that discontinue a product, shouldn't they place a copy online. Just because they don't want to produce it anymore, doesn't mean some of us out here don't crave that product. Shouldn't there be a law on that or something? << grin >>

          1. I just bought and opened up a package of Nabisco Chocolate Raspberry Newtons Fruit Thins. As i was eating them I suddenly had a flashback of Melody Cookies, a favorite from my childhood in the 1950's. These cookies are flat disks of chocolate with scalloped edges. The chocolate flavor is not as deep as I seem to remember and the cookie itself is thin. If only they had large pieces of sugar on top instead of small holes with tiny pieces of dried raspberries! I seem to remember the box being light blue, but I may be wrong,

            1. Yes. I remember them. My mom bought them for me back in the early '60s. Your memories and descriptions are perfect. I can almost taste them!

              1. Look at this! A full, unopened box was for sale and was sold three years ago!


                1. I ate Melody cookies throughout my youth until they were no longer available. I did write to the Nabisco Company back in the early 70's, asking why I could no longer find them anywhere. The reply said that they were discontinued because there wasn't enough of a demand for them. It made me sad. I don't think the cookie will ever come back. :(

                    1. I've been talking and hoping for Melody Cookies for decades. Every once in a while I meet someone as obsessed with them as I was. The GREATEST dunking cookie ever made (I'm 62 now and still want a box!). They perfectly fit into a glass of cold milk.Yes, small scalloped edges, just the right amount of chocolate and large grains of sugar on top. The box was long and rectangular, and the wrapping was light green. They stood up in the box, the way that Nabisco's Famous cookies do (the closest thing to them). They were discontinued when the price of sugar skyrocketed in the early 70's. Nabisco does have a built-in audience, if only they could read this blog.

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                        I see we're the same age, bcumsky and both share a great fondness for Melody cookies. I wonder just how big a fan base this cookie has.

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                          uh-oh, i've been carbon dated by my cookie craving. we're the exact same age. they were the best. so subtle and sophisticated next to other cookies. and i loved that they were over-sized. i don't remember the wrapper on the box but i'm sure you're right. thanks.

                        2. Melody Cookie fans, unite!

                          1. Not only was the box wrapper light blue, it had an allover pattern in a slightly darker blue of a musical staff with notes on it. I wonder if these represented any true melody! Did anyone ever try to play it?