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Feb 26, 2008 07:37 PM

does anyone remember Melody cookies?

they were large flat dark chocolate wafers with scalloped edges and big grains of coarse sugar embedded in one side. i remember seeing them up till the seventies and then no more. would love to locate them if they're still made.

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  1. I do remember those cookies as they are my namesake. According to the Nabisco website they have been discontinued :-( They were delish!!!

    1. I remember them also. Once in a while they made vanilla ones also.

      1. my wife and I every few years circle back to wanting to find melody cookies again -- we have such strong childhood memories of enjoying them. so sorry to learn that the definitive nail is in the coffin from Nabisco. Alas. How about a published home version recipe? (Of course, it wouldn;t be the same.....)


        1. I think vendors that discontinue a product, shouldn't they place a copy online. Just because they don't want to produce it anymore, doesn't mean some of us out here don't crave that product. Shouldn't there be a law on that or something? << grin >>

          1. I just bought and opened up a package of Nabisco Chocolate Raspberry Newtons Fruit Thins. As i was eating them I suddenly had a flashback of Melody Cookies, a favorite from my childhood in the 1950's. These cookies are flat disks of chocolate with scalloped edges. The chocolate flavor is not as deep as I seem to remember and the cookie itself is thin. If only they had large pieces of sugar on top instead of small holes with tiny pieces of dried raspberries! I seem to remember the box being light blue, but I may be wrong,