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Feb 26, 2008 07:25 PM

REVIEW (w/foodie porn flix and pix!): Dumpling 10053

For foodie porn flix and pix click:

I present to you, Dear Reader, the best damn dumplings in Los Angeles County (if not the entire State of California). The pork, crab, and sea cucumber dumplings at Dumpling 10053:

Does the title refer to how many dumplings you can eat? Or, are the dumplings good to the 10053th degree? Neither, it’s simply the address of this fabulous restaurant (this is not such a bad thing because it makes for finding the restaurant so much easier.) Located on the very western edge of El Monte, Dumpling 10053 is perhaps one of the best dumpling houses in the region.

Although Luscious Dumpling is my personal favorite of the two, Dumpling 10053 has many things about that give it an edge over Luscious Dumpling. Besides being able to seat far more people, Dumpling 10053 has a much bigger, and more varied, menu.

Now, let’s move onto the foodie porn.

Yummy, and nice looking, sesame seaweed salad:

A glistening shrimp and tender leek dumpling:

Fantastic stewed beef and beef tendon soup noodles:

I liked the broth and the noodles better at Dumpling 10053 but the beef was more flavorful at Luscious Dumpling. (Needless to say, this is a great soup to eat when you have a cold. Not pictured are the pickled mustard greens that you sprinkle over the soup.


This was insanely good! Baby bok choy with meat sauce:

Another great soup for colds, in two parts:

This was a great, and simple, chicken noodle soup. I was really surprised by how well the fried pork chop went with the soup. This is a must order!

My new favorite dessert. Fried “rolls” with condensed milk:

I was amazed by how good this was. Its simplicity was truly brilliant. The condensed milk balanced the yeasty bread really well.

I am obsessed with people tossing noodles:

Dumpling 10053
10053 Valley Blvd.
El Monte, CA 91731

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  1. Nice review. I really like this place too, but never have tried the fried rolls.... sounds tastylicious. Oh, and it's cash only (for those who only carry plastic).

    1. YES! my favorite chinese "dessert" of all time were these mini fried mantou with condensed milk at a now defunct shanghainese place in monterey park, and i haven't been able to find them since. thank you!!!!

      1. Excellent review Bon Vivant! :)

        I also enjoy Dumpling 10053 a lot. IMHO it's better than Luscious Dumpling, which I found to be too heavy. There's just something that Luscious uses that's off-putting to me (I definitely can taste the quality, but I just don't like the flavors there).

        I think 101 Noodle Express has my favorite dumplings, with Dumpling 10053 a close second. Both have far more variety as well, compared to Luscious Dumpling.

        Also, a couple other suggestions for your next visit to Dumpling 10053 Bon Vivant:

        * Drunken Chicken - It's THE most flavorful Drunken Chicken I've had anywhere in the SGV (and the chicken doesn't taste "old").

        * Steamed Spare Ribs ("Fuhn Juhn Pai Goo") - Really tasty steamed spare ribs over a bed of sweet potatoes.


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        1. re: exilekiss

          The more that I think of it, the more the scales are tipping in the favor of Dumpling 10053. Since LD's menu is so limited, I always order the same things. I like how I can go to Dumpling 10053 and get different items each time.

          Thanks for the rec of the drunken chicken. The spareribs are already on my "must try" list; last time that I was there, every table ordered this.