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Feb 26, 2008 07:13 PM

Easter Brunch, but w/ a twist...

Hi everyone. I've got a doozie...

So, my friends are having their parents in for Easter and want to go somewhere in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville or Brookline for brunch. They are looking for a nicer style place. Money is no option. The only catch is, 2 of the people in the group have celiacs disease and can't eat gluten. I may be stretching here, but does anyone know good places where they might be able to get something on the menu or if they were to call ahead, maybe the kitchen would do something for the two people w/ celiacs in the group? Everyone else has no food allergies or conditions. Again, someplace nice, price no option. The first place that came to mind was Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons if they're doing an Easter brunch. I was guessing if they called ahead, Four Seasons might be able to let them know if they can do anything on the menu for them. Anyhow...I welcome all suggestions. Thanks a bunch for your help.

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  1. We're going to Blue Room (buffet, $30 per adult, seating at 10, 12 and 2pm). While they haven't posted a Easter menu (that I've seen), their standard brunch buffet menu gives plenty of gluten-free options (fruit, carved meats, eggs).

    1. We're going to Henrietta's Table. Went last year and there are many options for people with food allergies. Here's a sample menu - you need rezzies. I think it's 55 pp.

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        We went to Henrietta's Table with my office and our old secretary had celiac disease. She was super sensitive too. They were really accomodating and circled everything on the menu that she could have and sat down to go over it with her.

      2. How strict are their requirements? I have met celiacs who are satisfied if they can avoid wheat products in general, but others who have to be absolutely certain the dishes contain no potentially tainted products (to include soy sauce, dextrines, malts, etc.)

        If they eat out fairly regularly you should be fine with one of the buffets (I would second ChrisVR's BlueRoom suggestion). If they are very strict, it will be harder for sure, especially on a popular brunch holiday. Perhaps in that case you should look at these places:

        1. Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. I have passed them onto my friends. I'm not sure of how strict they must be, but I do think they're pretty strict (e.g. no wheat in anything...I know that they have to use rice flour and things like that and even have to be careful w/ sauces, etc). I don't know a lot about celiacs, but I'm sure from the recommendations here, they can find something or at least talk to some of these restaurants ahead of time to see if there's anything they can do. Much appreciated everyone. Thanks again.

          1. Not exactly upscale, but Legal's has a gluten-free menu if they're up for seafood, at least at most of their locations.