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Feb 26, 2008 07:02 PM

Dining alone near JW Marriott

I've been searching but can't find this particular topic. I will be in DC and have one or two nights unscheduled, probably on Friday and Saturday. I'm looking for places near the JW Marriott (I've made notes from previous posts about other locations that are not nearby). I like seafood, French food, diner food, local food (no Asian or spicy this time). I would prefer to pay no more than $60 out the door for a salad, an entree and a glass of wine. Where are some good spots if dining alone and not feeling social?

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  1. Languedoc d'or (sp)? across from Ford's theater perhaps....

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      I believe you mean Bistro D'Oc? I think that would be a great choice. French food from the Languedoc region, moderately priced, easy walking distance from the Marriott.

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        Bistro D'Oc is an excellent choice and I would choose it over Les Halles any day of the week. It's a cute, french bistro with daily specials and wonderful classic bistro cuisine. I eat there by myself all the time and never feel out of place.

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          I guess I was thinking of the wine...

          but yes that place. casual without roughing it, nice w/o stuffy.

      2. Les Halles is very close to your hotel. They have consistently good French bistro fare.

        1. Maybe Central would suit you? You might just walk down Pennsylvania and see what looks good -- I've never eaten at 701, but I think it would be comfortable for a single diner. For seafood, DC Coast is nearby. I can see how on weekends a lot of these places might be busier and more social than you'd prefer, though. Bistro d'Oc is wonderful.

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            Central is so good, and you can def do it in that budget, make a reservation now.

            You aren't far from Georgia Brown's if you wanted Southern, they have good fried chicken and etc. Also Equinox and Oval Room are close but look at their menu because they might push the budget. They are very good though, especially Equinox.

            You aren't far from Gallery Place/Chinatown which has Matchbox which I love their pizza and miniburgers, I go for lunch when I can splurge on calories. I also really like Zola.

            If you want Seafood you aren't far from Oceanaire, I am not a huge fan of Oceanaire but if you stick with a fresh fish of the day and salad, steamed veggies you will be good. Their sides are huge just fyi. Don't get their potatoes au gratin it is chunky potatoes covered in plain cheese in not a good way. But their steamed veggies are good and I had a whole fish of some sort that was good.

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              I'm not a fan of Oceannaire either, especially since I've eaten at a half dozen or more of them around the country on business. I am a fan of the James Beard winning Kinkead's which is worth the short cab ride (21st and PA) for arguably D. C.'s best seafood. This is also an especially good restaurant to sit at the bar and have dinner.

              Frank Bruni likes Central, too:

              Thanks, "Tweaked"

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              701 is good, and they have nice, low-key live jazz some nights.

            3. Totally different from what else has been posted here, if you want a taste of real, local DC flavor, go to Saint's Paradise. It is a cafeteria in a church about a block from the convention center, known for its local flavor--you can sometimes see guys come in with Trombones and tubas from band practice at the church next door. The food is heavy, and goes for about $7, but it is a great place to see a part of DC that the average visitor doesn't get to see in a predominantly black working class neighborhood. 1 block from the convention center metro on M street.

              1. Cafe du Park is a small fench bistro at the Willard Hotel (across the street from the JW). Get a table near one of the windows so you can enjoy the view while eating a nice meal w/ a glass of wine.