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Feb 26, 2008 06:52 PM

Home wine tasting party Fort Lauderdale

we are interested in putting together a wine tasting party for about 30 people in a private home. We enjoy wine but are in the beginners category. Any suggestion on how to go about getting some help with education and maybe someone brought in to educate.

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  1. I lived just north of you for quite awhile. Are there still alot of Crown Liquor stores in the tri-county area? If so, the crown liquors in Boca Raton (on U.S. 1 as I recall) was quite well stocked. You might contact them for guidance, they do (or did) alot of tastings when I was there.

    I've had some great meals at La Vielle Maison in Boca, they have had a really nice wine stock in times past. You might want to contact their sommelier and ask what the best wine stores in the area are... and/or if he knows of someone who would come out and host your event

    1. Here is a thread that we talked about wine tastings.

      I suggest finding a fine wine store that has a sommelier, they should be more than happy to help you out with selection. As Chicago Mike mentioned sometimes you can hire them to come out and do the tasting for you. If you have time, i suggest that you attend a couple of tastings yourself, OR a beginners course/evening on how to taste wine. Other than that there are a lot of websites with good technique information. A tasting wheel can be fun to have, but usually needs to be ordered online ahead of time.

      I always like to pick a theme for our wine tastings such as great bbq wines, or great wines under $20 (in the states you could easily do under $10/here in CAD it is not really possible).

      The last large tasting we bought a hole bunch of Reidel stemless glasses (they worked out to about $7 ea) and charged $20/pp but you got to keep your glass. This covered our need for extra glasses w/o having to rent them (not great glasses). We always charge for the tastings, it is out of our budget to cover the cost.

      If you buy all your wines at one place make sure you ask for a case discount, and shop around for who has the best discount.

      1. The Crown Wine and Liquor does weekly wine tastings. Go to their website and sign up for their tasting schedule. You can pay $5 or $10 a person to try all of the wines they are tasting, rate them, and buy them for your party at a discount. The professionals are there to answer your questions and you may be able to ask one of the people distributing if they know anyone who does at home tastings. Also they do the high end tasting once a year, $20 bucks and you get to taste $100+ wines. It's really nice.

        Another thing, which is what I am thinking about trying to start with my friends, is to suggest that everyone bring a bottle of wine and a dish that pairs with it. You can assign the 'type' of wine, and they could do the research or just do a already know pairing.

        I am by no means an expert. I just know what i like on my tongue.

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          I went to their last upscale tasting and it was incredible. A truly great bargain, as they had wines going up to $200 a bottle.

        2. Did you ever get this off the ground? We're in Plantation and would be interested in attending or hosting.

          1. Obviously late to the game here, but there are some very nice wine shops in the general Ft Lauderdale area. I'm wondering which ones you visited for your party.

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              Try Steve or Luciano at Hollywood Vine on Harrison St. In Hollywood