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Feb 26, 2008 06:18 PM

Looking for a Chinese reception venue in GTA

Hey There,
I need some help. I changed my wedding plans from Niagara falls area to Toronto because that is where most of family and friends are. I'm living in the Big O where politics does not go well with food. The wedding is in July 26, 2008. So far upcoming my weekend visit for receptions are:
-Double Tree Hotel ($$$$$)
-Sheraton by Hwy 7 (ok la for $$$)
-Mandarin Golf Course (???)

I tried contacting Grand Lake, but they say they are under renovation, is that true? So far I tried Lai Wah Heen, no availabilities. Any other suggestions that you can help me?

Last Minute.

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  1. There was a similar topic a while back and this was my response...hope it helps...this was the thread:

    Congrats, I'm actually in the process of looking at venues myself , and here are a few of my suggestions...

    Ambassador - As one of the posters said, I would recommend Ambassador as well. Their food and service is excellent and you won't be disappointed. My brother had his wedding there and it was a great venue! However, the price can be pricey as well, depending on what you order. But, it was well worth it.

    Dun Huang - According to my friend, they recently changed to a buffet format and are no longer doing banquets/dinners. They refunded her money and told her to go somewhere else. Not recommended.

    Diamond - It's a nice place, been there once for a wedding. Food was alright, service was ok.... but as one of the posters said, there's this feeling to it which I didn't find right as well...just my 2 cents. Hilton is about a 5 mins drive.

    La Rosa - Same owners as Ambassador and I think I might be holding my wedding I might be a bit bias. A very good venue. 3 rooms to choose from. Service is excellent, food is pretty good as well. They have a Comfort Inn across the street (within walking distance) and a Delta Hotel about 2-4 mins drive. is their website. As the manager told me, they are opening up a new venue at 407/Kennedy, called Markham Event Centre. I'm going to take a look there later on this/next week. No hotels nearby, but if you are interested, I can provide you with a contact. Let me know.

    Once again, congrats and good luck with everything...let us know which one you choose! =D

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      I went to look at the Sheraton on Hwy 7, the banquet hall for the 100-120 people--it's ceiling is very low. It did not make me feel as if I am having a grand entrance. But their price of food option is fine with me. Does anyone have any comments about the catering of the Mandarin golf and country club?


      1. re: waterboi

        II'm think'n of having my wedding this year at Markham Event Centre? Has anyone been there for a wedding? How's the food? portion size? etc....

      2. There is a brand new chinese restaurant just opened last week. Casa Victoria at Warden and Hwy 7. It is the very elegant, more beautiful than Diamond Banquet Hall and I think it the most beautiful in GTA at this moment now (for chinese style wedding banquet). Their wedding set menu ranges from something like $1000 to the most expensive $2300 for a table of 10.

        In term of atmosphere, don't really like Double Tree for wedding with it's low ceiling, or LWH where you have the banquet in a basement.

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        1. re: skylineR33

          I would agree on Casa Victoria.
          Doubletree is alright but not fancy fancy. I did not like LWH either. The food at LaRosa was not always piping hot - although it was a 10 table banquet.
          Dun Huang is now closed.
          Another option is Dynasty (?) in downtown / Yorkville. I thought the food was great and the location was pretty fancy.

        2. Hi there! You had asked about the Mandarin Golf and Country Club located in Markham.
          I held my wedding there this past fall. Although the wedding was a postive experience for the most part, the treatment afterwards runined it!
          Here is a thread on this topic that I had started. I found 2 other couples in the same boat as me. It's a bit of a long story, so I'm just going to add the link instead (I hope this is okay, if not please feel free to ask me to edit, I'm just not up to typing too much tonite)

          We all wonder if there aren't more people also still owed their $2000.00 deposit from The Mandarin Golf and Country Club?

          1. My husband speaks fondly of a wedding reception he attended at Pearl Harbourfront. It's a gorgeous restaurant with an even better view - and great food to boot. Plenty of parking and TTC accessible. Plus - the Habourfront Westin is right next door.


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            1. re: MeMeMe

              Before anyone screams "Tourist trap", Pearl does have authentic traditional Chinese banquet menus.

              1. re: Teep

                Has anyone been to or planned a banquet at Pearl recently? I had my wedding there a few years ago and it was great! But read elsewhere that they have new management. Anyone know if this is true or if it has had an impact on food quality and service?

                1. re: panko

                  2nd hand info only (from my son) who attended a wedding there recently: food was mediocre and overly salted. Also venue is not the greatest as from his table, he could not see the head table due to the steps....great view of the lake though!

            2. u can have it at the jewel in woodbridge.. its a nice venue and the prices are pretty fair... 95% of the venues are catered by grand lake