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Feb 26, 2008 06:15 PM

Atlantic Beach, M'head City, Beaufort NC

I'm heading to Atlantic Beach this weekend and would love a recommendation for a restaurant in the AB, MC, Beaufort area that serves local seafood,but not fried. Someplace similiar to South beach Grill in Wrightsville Beach. Casual, fresh local food, moderately priced. Net House? Clawson's? Crab's Claw?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. AB- Carlton;s, Watermark
    MC-Williams, Bistro by the Sea
    Beaufort-Blue Moon Bistro

    Maybe more than you want to spend but EXCELLENT FOOD, SERVICE & ATMOSPHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Second Blue Moon and Bistro by the Sea. Also, Cafe Zito in Morehead. Even upmarket places like these have a casual feel in uber casual Carteret County. The Crab Shack in Salter Path used to be great for steamed crabs, but haven't been for several years.

      1. re: NXS

        Check out California Roll. It is a contemporary sushi restaurant that is fabulous! The fish is always fresh, and the flavor combinations are unbelievable.

      2. The Watermark between AB and Emerald Isle. We eat there 2 or 3 times each trip we're there.

        1. I also recommend Blue Moon - delicious food, lovely atmosphere. Not really casual, except that every restaurant in that area is casual in that you can wear shorts or your cleanest Tommy Bahama wear and be just fine. For a more casual atmosphere, the Net House is my favorite seafood restaurant in Beaufort. Casual, friendly, but good quality seafood and not all fried. They are famous for their chowder, and my parents make a meal of raw oysters there on special occasions.

          Clawson's is a fun atmosphere, pretty average food of the nachos and burgers variety.

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            Thanks for the info. In regard to Blue Moon, do they offer nightly seafood specials? The menu posted on their website doesn't have much in the way of seafood entrees.

          2. I recommend Sharpies in Beaufort all local seafood and won second in the state for fine dining this year.

            1. Not sure if it's exactlly what you're looking for but I've always enjoyed Aqua in Beaufort.