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Feb 26, 2008 05:38 PM

grassroots market & cafe in pasadena - reopening?

the salad thread got me thinking of grassroots in south pasadena, the little organic market & cafe in the minimall by the pizza hut. it was closed due to fire damage from a blaze a few shops down, but has it reopened in another location? they had the best super healthy food -vegan, organic, huge portions, and cheap! the house salad - baby greens, sprouts, garbanzos, avocado, beets, tomato, and protein with the tahini dressing - how i miss you!

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  1. I miss Grassroots a lot too...especially since I hate going to the Whole Foods Arroyo for certain items that I would have found at Grassroots. So I just called their number to see if they opened a temporary store somewhere and their outgoing message said that they plan to have a grand opening late spring. I can't wait...I miss the cafe a lot.

    1. I'm so glad to hear they are reopening soon! I miss it, too. They have the best veggie burritos. Yum!

      1. Grassroots answering machine message states that they will reopen their new and improved business in August. 626-799-0156 . It will be worth the wait. The food is healthy, yummy and inexpensive. Fiesta bowl is my favorite.

        1. Grassroots Natural Market and Kitchen is Scheduled for ReOpening late August 2008. Newly Remodeled and Better than Ever. We can't wait to see all of our customers again. Please feel free to call and listen to our message as we get closer to the date we will announce it.
          Phone # 626.799.0156
          Thank you all for writing about us. We will see you soon.
          Grassroots Family

          1. Update- It's December 17th and the store is open but not the cafe. They say another three weeks, hopefully. They're just waiting for the Health Department Inspection.