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Feb 26, 2008 05:13 PM

Need cool/trendy restaurant lounge for teen birthday

Hey guys! I'll need recommendations for a type of cool restaurant/lounge for an 18th birthday event. Not all guests will be 18 though, some will still be 17, so getting in, I hope, shouldn't be a problem. It will be a group of approximately 15 people. I was hoping you all has good suggestions, so that we can eat at that restaurant and have fun at the lounge too( if there's dancing thats good also) I'm looking for it to be on a saturday night, so if you have any good suggestions, do tell!! ( Food can be of any type, just maybe not mexican)

Also, if you have restaurant suggestions and separate lounge suggestions, thats good too! Thanks!!

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  1. I am not 100% about any age restrictions but Stanton Social is a great choice. A terrific atmosphere on the LES this restaurant/lounge is trendy but not over the top and excellent food. I'd suggest Spice Market, Vento or Highline in the meat packing district or even Son Cubano. Spice Market and Highline are both Asian types...although they are sharp contrasts in decor. Spice Market is dark and heavy but beautiful where as Highline is modern and bright. Son Cubano is a great scene but it can get very noisy and crowded. Dancing breaks out to Latin music later in the night as tables are cleared away and its a ton of fun. Tao is also an excellent place but like I said I do not know any age restrictions so best to call ahead to be sure no one is turned away at the door.

    For some reviews checkout the following:

    for more reviews:

    1. Hi I took my cousins of a similar age to Ninja in Tribeca on a Saturday night and while it was pricey, everyone had a blast and the food was good too!

      1. THOR at The Hotel On Rivington, has a sizable dining room and they have a DJ who spins a really decent mix of music on weekends. We went with a group of 8 and one of the reasons we ended up at THOR was they could accommodate us easily. The menu has a lot of good small plates and I think they would appeal to a group of (sophisticated) teens. The waitstaff seemed kind of distracted, but overall the space is fun and the food is too.
        Buddakan might also appeal to the teens. Asian food is usually something everyone likes. The menu has lots of options for sharing plates. They also have a good space. Very dramatic.
        I remember from going out when I was that age that it was almost impossible to be turned away, as long as you had a prior reservation. Might wanna call and make sure what the situation is now, though.

        1. Bar 89 is fun. I don't know if teens will have a problem getting in.

          1. You can eat at Butter which is very hip. Not sure if you have to be over 21 to eat or not., but the club is great (on Moday's at least)

            Another rec that teen would like is TAO.

            If you are not from NYC, you might feel out of place at what we call hip....hence the TAO rec, which might suit an out of towner better.

            Happy b-day.

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              yea im from long island, i've heard really good things about tao but never been there, but im wondering if its buddha bar -ish, i was really hoping for a restaurant/ lounge where we could eat and then dance or just have a good time, not just eating dinner there, you know? and since we're 18 / 17, im hoping age isnt that much of a issue.

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                Even though it's an apples-to-apples comparison, I'd choose Tao over Buddha Bar. Although the food at Tao isn't exactly haute cuisine, I think it's better than Buddha Bar. I also think that the servers at Tao are better trained.

                The only reason to go to Buddha Bar would be if your teenagers all have fake IDs and can get into the meatpacking district clubs afterwards. Otherwise it's a waste of a trip down there.