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Feb 26, 2008 04:40 PM

"Quiet" dinner w/ parents in PDX?

Bit of a goofball request here: need a "quiet" restaurant recommendation on behalf of my hard of hearing dad, who enjoys great food but doesn't do well in louder establishments. We will all be in town visiting for a memorial service on Sunday :-( but are hoping to enjoy a "nice" dinner out together on Sat eve.

My short list so far is below - would be great to know what the decibel level is in the following restaurants... or, if there is another appropriate choice that I've left off the list - would be great to know that as well.

A few places that look promising so far:

Paley's Place
Park Kitchen
Sel Gris
Maybe Clarklewis?

I would also throw Toro Bravo and/or Apizza Scholls into the mix b/c I've heard good things about 'em.... they look like more casual (and I suppose, louder) places though. True?

On a separate note, Dad is a big oyster fan - so was hoping to stop by an oyster bar before dinner. Maybe Ten-01, Southpark, Alberta Street or ???

Many thanks for any tips whatsoever!!!

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  1. It's been a while since my last trip to Park Kitchen, but I don't recall it being rambunctious. Carlyle and Sel Gris would be good bets, as would be Wildwood.

    1. Jake's Famous Crawfish has a really nice selection of oysters. If you go early (I believe they open at 3 on Sunday) it should be quiet and uncrowded.

      1. My Dad (87 next month) tries to avoid loud places due to hearing problems. When I ate at Toro Bravo a few weeks ago I commented to my wife that it'd probably be too loud for Dad.

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          Thx for the replies! We ended up @ Wildwood (Paley's was booked) and it was great. Wish we had more time in PDX, looks like there are a ton of great places to choose from. Thanks again.

          1. re: erik h

            Awesome. If I could ask, what did you order there?

            (I'm a big fan of their burger.)

            1. re: SauceSupreme

              For starters we did the mussels and the pork belly - both were great (tho the pig = definitely the more interesting of the two). Entrees: rib eye, risotto and the tuna - all great except for the tuna which seemed a shade on the dry side. Dessert was the creme caramel and carrot apple crepes, both delicious.

              All in all a terrific experience.... and the ambience suited dear old dad just fine ;-)

              BTW - this place has some nifty beers on tap - I had an unfiltered cream ale (Amnesia something?) that rocked.

        2. Thanks for this post—I have a father-in-law who's not quite ready to admit his hearing suffers in crowded places, so this list will be great to have in my back pocket for his next visit.

          I agree that Toro Bravo is probably not a good place for sound. Nor is Clyde Commons—even though I love both restos.

          1. One complaint I've heard consistently and repeatedly about Clarklewis is how noisy it is.