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Feb 26, 2008 04:38 PM

Good produce in Stoneham area?

We've recently moved to Stoneham and are looking for better produce than the usual suspects of grocery stores in the area. Calareso's is OK but we are hoping that there is something better in the area. Thanks!

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  1. I'd try the Whole Foods in Woburn. Also Boston Organics delivers to the area:

    In the summer the Melrose farmers' market on Thursdays is small but has some good eats.

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      Oops - I forgot about the Super 88 in Malden. Very good chinese greens, garlic chives, etc. Also they have royal trumpet mushrooms for $4.59/lb, versus $14.99/lb at WFM. And they have both varieties of shiitakes at good prices as well.

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        They have great prices on garlic, ginger and shallots too.

    2. Calaresos Market just across the line on 28 in Reading has beautiful produce, flowers etc. they often have baby arugula that is FANTASTIC, great bread pudding and other baked goods. Farmland in Wakefield also has decent produce and good deli selection and salads etc.

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        In season, Calareso's is where I always go for my corn-- it's really the best around.

        One seasonal option is Farm Direct Coop- we've been members for 5 years and they have a depot in Melrose once a week.

      2. I live in Melrose, and I use Wilson Farms in Lexington for all of my produce. They also have great meats, bakery, cheeses, flowers and prepared foods. I usually go on Saturday am, and can be there and back in an hour.
        Well worth the trek. In between trips, I use Calareso in a pinch. Their pizza dough is great.
        Here is a link to wilsons

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          We live in Malden and rely primarily on Wilson's as well. It's a sunday morning ritual! In season the garden department is an added pleasure.

          I did hit Calareso's once and it was good.

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            In the spring they also have a petting zoo fro kids, along with kids crafts in the greenhouse. ALso, make sure to try their scones next time you are there. I also use Wilsons as my go to place for hamburgers. There are two burgers to each package- but they are HUGE- so lots of times, i remake into four patties. Their chicken is great, as well. Am having their bonelss chicken thighs for dinner tonight. While extolling their virtues, pick up some Lutenica spread on your next visti- it is made from peppers, oil, spices, eggplant. Really good on rackers or to make crustine. I served it to kids who claimed they did not like most of the ingredients separately, but the happily gobbled up as a dip!
            potted trees to put at my dads gravesite for Christmas, then I give them to my brother to plant on his property. A nice tradition