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Feb 26, 2008 03:44 PM

Rome, Venice Dining

Here's a challenge for Rome and Venice foodies:

We will spend several days in each city in May.

2 of us are vegetarian, 2 love meat and seafood, 1 is deathly afraid of cheese (one of the meat eaters) and we're all on a budget.

Will be staying in an apartment near the Spanish Steps so can save some money by cooking in the apartment - but I know that we'll want to eat out a lot too.

Suggestions for places to eat? And suggestions for the best/cheapest place(s) to buy a bottle of wine to take back to the apt. too. Thanks!

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  1. In Venice, my favorite inexpensive restaurant is Alla Madonna. The menu is extensive so should have enough choices to please everyone. The seafood lovers should try the fried sardines, the best I have ever had. Excellent pastas, and everything is very fresh. The atmosphere is lively, and it attracts a mixture of locals and tourists.

    1. Eat anyplace you like. Most normal restaurants can accommodate all of you. In Rome, there are rarely secret ingredients and you can always ask. The cheapest wine is probably in the supermarket, and there are small supermarkets in the Piazza di Spagna area. But it would be a shame not to go to an enoteca and find some interesting bottles. Italian wine is in general one of the world's great bargains. Wines of the Lazio region are on sale at Palatium on via Frattina.

      1. You should have no trouble finding cheap wine in Rome. One wine that I pay $25.00 a bottle for here is the equivalent of $7.00 there. There's a huge selection for under $10.00. Many for well under that amount. And yes, the supermarkets are the place to pick them up. There was one called Despar just around the corner from our apartment in Rome and I think we went there every single day. Be sure to go to Campo di Fiori for the produce market in the morning.