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Feb 26, 2008 03:41 PM

where to buy young thai coconuts?

I have been purchasing my young coconuts from the soma wholefoods but everyone of them has very little meat inside and what is inside is super thin. I understand not every coconut will have thick meat inside but the ones from whole foods have had none(I have tried about 15). I need the thick meat for some "raw" recipes I'm making. Would love to know where else I could purchase these coconuts in San francisco. I live in Soma/Financial district and would be great if there was decent parking available. Thanks!

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  1. That's how really young coconuts are. You buy them for the liquid. The older they get, the more meat they have.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I understand they are used for the liquid as I often make smoothies with the coconut water but young coconuts also can have a thick layer of meat inside. Perhaps the ones with more meat are a bit older than the others? Thanks for your reply.

    2. Try melissa site with store locator also do your coconuts look like this when cut?

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      1. re: wolfe

        Thank you for the link to the young coconuts. Yes this is what my coconuts look like except inside there is only a thin flimsy layer of the meat. Thanks for the melissas link I'll check it out!

        1. re: SF lover

          Just saw a large supply at Berkeley Bowl. Under $2 a piece.