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Client/Biz Lunch Suggestion(s), Westfield, NJ

Seeking your recommendation(s) for a weekday lunch meeting for 4 within walking distance of train station in Westfield, NJ. Quality meal - spot on, can be casual, and would rather not feel rushed. Table service. Good impression. Thanks.

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  1. Don't know Westfield but you might try this query on the Tri-State board. Not sure whether Chowhound considers Union County to be central NJ.

    1. Westfield is definitely in Central NJ, so you are on the correct board.

      Chez Catherine would be my rec. Superb contemporary French cuisine, a fine wine list, excellent service, and lovely decor. If you're looking to make a great impression, this is definitely the place to do it! Only one thing: Since we come from elsewhere, we drive there, so I'm not sure how far it is from the train station. Perhaps another Hound who knows Westfield will chime in. If not, call the restaurant and ask.


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        Chez Catherine is on the same North Avenue side of the train station heading towards Scotch Plains. Not far at all.

      2. http://westfieldnj.com/ferraros/index...
        Ferraro's is an Italian restaurant across the street from the Westfd train station at North Ave & Elm.

        Lunch menu: http://www.ferrarosrestaurant.com/mai...
        Comfortable dining room, friendly staff. I've enjoyed business lunches there several times.

        1. Chez Catherine is certainly good...upscale...maybe a 3 min walk from the train station, if that
          Theresa's good...fine place for business lunch...BYOB..italian
          Ferraro's....go to the nicer side...good food, very nice for a business lunch...Italian with a very good assortment of food

          Personally I would choose Ferraros...note there are two sides to this restaurant... a less formal, casual family side, but still quite nice, and a more formal business side

          All are a very easy walk from the train station, less than 5 minutes if that long

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            I think if there is going to be any drinking of alcoholic beverages during a business lunch, it's better if a restaurant has a liquor license.

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              I forgot this one
              on Elm St..same are as the others....good steak house and a good wine list

            2. If it's a business lunch and it's important I say Chez Catherine hands down. The other recommendations are all good but they are places you would find anywhere (no disrespect intended). Another place you might consider would be Aquaviva delle Fonti, a solid Italian choice.

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                I like Theresa's. When I worked in Newark my friends and I would take the train to Westfield and go there for lunch.

              2. OP didn't ask for alcohol service, fancy or a specific price range. I've enjoyed all of the dining rec's provided here; all different price points and food preparation.

                CH247, I hope your business lunch in Westfield is enjoyable.

                1. Thanks all for taking the time to respond and really think about the selection and choices in Westfield, NJ. They all sound like great dining establishments. I checked out some of the websites for the restaurants you had all recommended. Seems as if we'll choose between Ferraro's, Theresa's or Isabella's Bistro. Seems as if they would have a great variety of menu choices in a somewhat relaxed atmosphere. As the website notes, Theresa's and Isabella's are both run by the same owner? How's that Mojave Grill? Not for this time, but maybe in the future? I will surely check out the others you have all listed in the future. At this point, I think both the French and steak restaurants would be a bit of a limited menu selection. I also read a post or two on Jeffrey's? Any thoughts? Thanks again.

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                    chowd, before I responded I wanted to double-check. Jeffrey's doesn't serve lunch. They open at 4pm for dinner. Do give it a try in the future tho. I've enjoyed their "light fare" menu selections. The Pancetta Wrapped Shrimp and Grilled Filet Mignon Tip Salads are wonderful.