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Feb 26, 2008 02:41 PM

2nd annual artisan cheese festival March 7-10, 2008

Did anyone go last year? I saw an announcment posted, but a search didn't turn up any follow-ups.

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  1. Went last year. It was lots of fun and informative. I recommend it. I thought I new a fair bit about cheese before going but I learned a lot. Last year there were concurrent seminars and some were better than others. If I have a chance I will look at the schedule to see which presentations I enjoyed most. I haven’t perused the schedule for this year yet. Not sure if I am going this year because I am quite busy. The only disappointment last year was the making cheese at home presentation which basically was things like making yogurt cheese which is quite easy.

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      Just to follow up- last year we went to the seminars on Saturday. We didn’t go to any of the other events. The seminars look slightly different this year. I would strongly recommend any of the seminars where the Cowgirl Creamery people are talking. They gave fantastic presentations last year. The only disappointing seminars last year where the “cheesemaking at home” seminar which was too basic, and there was this dreadfully boring and incomprehensible seminar given by this angry cheese blogger.

    2. I worked the entire festival last year as a volunteer, and it was surprisingly successful for a first-time event. This year looks to be even better, so I highly recommend it for any cheese enthusiasts. If you can make it to the Friday evening reception, it's a great opportunity to "hobnob" with the cheesemakers and chat with them about their passion for their work.

      And like Ridge, I unfortunately can't go this year because of work - preparing for Barrel Tasting Weekend - ah, the life working in a winery...

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        I went last year to the Saturday seminars when friend's husband couldn't go at the last minute. We both thought we knew something about cheese, as well. The highlight of the day for me was a 15 cheese offering paired with four wines by Gary Danko and his cheese monger. As mentioned before, the women from Cowgirl Creamery and Laura Werlin are always great. We signed up as soon as registration opened this year. This year they offered presignup for seminars and many of them are now filled, but it would still be a worthwhile day.

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          When I saw it was at a hotel, my heart sank. I guess it sort of has to be at a place that has the room for it.

          My fantasy was that it was outside like a farmers' market, with seminars in those sort of white tentlike structures, or else in some rustic location.

          I could even see it at a college or jr. college.

          I'm also complaining without knowing anything about the Sheraton. I just imagined carpeted meeting rooms and bland, "luxurious" surroundings.

          End of rant.

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            While seminars will be held inside the hotel, much of the rest will be outside in a festival tent (new this year). If you can't make it any other day, Sunday's Marketplace will be great, and you can talk directly with attending cheesemakers.