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Feb 26, 2008 02:32 PM

feeling a little cranky about delivery via TakeOut Connection in Forest Hills

The best places in the neighborhood (e.g., Dee's, Q) only deliver via TakeOut Connection (which, aside from jacking up the bill, always seems to take longer than waiting for delivery from a restaurant itself...) Any new-ish additions, OFF of TakeOut Connection, that'll deliver to Forest Hills? And does anyone else dislike feeling like TOC's got a monopoly on delivery options around here. Or am I just in a fugly mood? Thanks.

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  1. Several of the restaurants in TOC actually deliver on their own (Ben's Best, for one...) try contacting the restaurants and see what they say...

    1. The original comment has been removed
        1. We stopped ordering through Take Out Connection. It's just too expensive and it takes way too long to get the food. We try to stick to the places that have free delivery.

          1. Are you guys new to the neighborhood??? Take-out Connection is the best thing we have here. For the tiny fee they go to the restaurants that are located on most nightmarish blocks. Every time my wife asks me to pick up our order from Cabana (which they don't carry) I have to sit on the same block for 5-8 traffic light changes, not moving, and starving. I would rather have their drivers go through that, while I'm already home, in my PJ's