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Feb 26, 2008 02:16 PM

London: unusual/quirky/wacky food experiences?

Heading to London for a week. I'm going to do all the usual things I love to do - eat curry, get dim sum, visit Borough Market, etc. Much as I'm looking forward to the usual, I'm interested in trying something different, too.

So - any recommendations for more unusual, wacky, quirky experiences? An unusual cuisine, perhaps, a special food store? I'm open to all suggestions.


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  1. St. John's (fergus henderson) for nose to tail eating... crispy pig tails, offal, salad with cow hearts and pickeled walnuts, etc... i like the bread and wine location in spitalfields better... go to A. Gold deli on brushfield street aroundt he corner afterwards... sells only british produce... things like laver bread, branbury cakes, country wines, cloutie dumplings, etc...

    The Fat Duck (heston blumenthal) in bray about 45 mins outside london... El Bulli style eating... you'll laugh the entire meal... dish of "sounds of the sea" comes with an i-pod tucked in a conch shell playing sounds of the sea while you feast interprative sand, seaweed and foam... bacon and eggs ice cream, snail porridge, etc... more local is Maze (jason atherton) in grovenors squre...he trained at El Bulli and you can see the influnce..... new dish on the menu called "BLT"... the BLT comes in a martini glass... tomato gelee, bacon and onion infused cream, and vibrant lettuce puree... served with a croque monsieur on the side...excellent.

    and of course the very english, posh, famous Fortnum and Mason... interesting flavors of jams... varieties of mustards... you'll find lots of chutney, gentleman's relish, etc... newly renovated... its like a museum... worth a look...

    1. For a very bizarre meal there's Dans le Noir... food is crap but the whole meal is served in pitch darkness by blind waiters. I've never fancied it myself but it could be quite a talking point!

      1. Garlic and shots in Soho. Swedish inspired, sort of biker-ish, everything with garlic, much with chillies. The garlic vodkas are excellent, the food is terrific. Honest (much better, more challenging than it sounds!)

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          Second the shots, but avoid the food at all costs.

          1. Oriental City food court (NW London). Check out the threads on this board.