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Feb 26, 2008 02:04 PM

Fondue - Dead or alive?

is cheese fondue in or out of fashion today?

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  1. Food fashion? LOL! Who cares! Honestly it's all a function of environment. In certain circles, yes, I think fondue is past it's prime. In others, it's experiencing a renaissance. It's all about your perspective, my friend.

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      We do fondue several times a year and it always includes 3 different kinds: cheese for starters, a broth or oil for mains, and a chocolate for dessert. Winter's great for a warm snuggly evening but summer's just as good when fruit and produce is at it's best and we don't heat up the kitchen

    2. I think it's called Queso now...

      1. Surprisingly alive here in Guatemala. This surprised me when I first arrived, but in Antigua where I live it is very easy to find.

          1. re: billyjoe00

            We are actually getting a Melting Pot chain restaurant here in Rhode Island in the coming months, so who knows...

            1. re: Sean

              We have them here in Seattle and they aren't half bad! Lots of food and I wanted to roll in the cheese fondue! I have been twice and each dinner ran about three hours because of the courses and the time it takes to cook the food. I wolf my food, a bad habit I can't break, so enjoyed this as it made me slow down. I was really waaaay to full when I left though, lots of food.

              Which brings me to is cheese fondue out of's cheese, it's melted and you dip bread, vegis and fruit into it. To me, that never goes out of style!

              1. re: Sean

                The Melting pot in Naples FL was in, out, and back in.

                ....Opened, closed, and then re-opened with different mgmt. Still don't see a lot of people there.

                It is alive and kickin' at my house but my husband wished it would die...

            2. Did not see anyone wearing any cheese fondue at the Oscars the other night but it would have been more entertaining than John Stewart.

              Jfood's last cheese fondue was in 1973, at his father's apartment after he bought one for a gift for his dad. Made it up, had some bread ate it, cleaned it, placed it in the closet. RIP.

              Fast forward to 2003 when a neighbor had a few people over for dinner and the meal was a cook your own in hot oil at the table. Everyone had a blast, lots of raw and overcooked food, good laughter and at least dessert was pre-made.

              Then some creative sort "deconstructed" the fondue and came up with, you guessed it, the chocolate fountain. What a great invention. It serves two purposes at events. It keeps the kids active for a while and then when the suger hits their system it keeps the kids active for hours.

              Would jfood have a cheese fondue at the house, maybe for a retro party, but if he is going to serve cheese and bread, he'd rather have some really good cheeses and some really good bread versus that melted stuff.