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Feb 26, 2008 01:56 PM

Angel Food Cake - Confectioners or Superfine?

Trying to find a great recipe for angel food cake, and I notice that some call for only superfine sugar while others call for a mix of confectioners and granulated. Any opinions on which is best?

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  1. it just so happens that i made an angel food cake a couple of days ago. i used the cooks illustrated recipe, which calls for regular granulated sugar. they said that they tried everything else, and they concluded that the cornstarch in the confectioners makes for a heavier cake and that the superfine makes for an overly squishy cake. i agree with them - the cake texture was perfect with granulated.

    happy baking!

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      I tried confectioner's sugar in an angel food cake recipe some time ago and was not happy with my results. I use only superfine sugar and my cakes have been delicious. Great texture and taste. Happy baking!

    2. I tend to use bakers sugar that I make in a food processor.