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Leftover chocolate chip cookies (slightly overbaked)

I really don't want to throw out the batch, but I baked them 2 minutes too long and now they're crunchy, not soft.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Dunk in milk? Personally, im one of those who prefer a crunchy cookie... so u can send them to me.. ha ha ha. :)

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        or try nuking them for 5 seconds which may soften them slightly..

        1. Break into pieces and layer for a trifle.

          Sub them for the ladyfingers in tiramisu; sub bailey's for rum or omit alcohol, and you could even blend a little peanut butter into the mascarpone.

          Sprinkle them on ice cream or frozen yogurt, or blend them into an ice cream shake.

          Break them into small pieces, and add to pancake or waffle batter.

          OR, to revitalize their moisture, try sticking them in a container with a few slices of wheat bread or even apple slices or jicama to allow them to soak up sme moisture.

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            These are all really great suggestions, Emme. I esp. like the trifle and tiramisu ideas and almost wish I had some overbaked cookies on hand to try.

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              you can purchase crispy cookies... or cook a few refrigerated tollhouse cookies to see if it's worth home-making some overbaked ones!

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              Emme, thanks for all the ideas, I have the cookies in the freezer but will likely try your trifle idea. I'm a sucker for trifle!

            3. Usually microwaving them 5-10 seconds each immediately before consumption makes them soft again.

              1. Break into bite sized pieces, mix with slightly sweeted whipped cream and refrigerate.

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                  Kind of like the chocolate wafer icebox cake. sounds great. How long do yo think it would need to set?

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                    A few hours at least, but overnight is best. It ends up a little like a chocolate chip cookie mousse.

                2. To soften crunchy cookies, wrap a whole slice of soft bread loosely in a paper towel and put it in the cookie tin along with the cookies. Within 24 hours, the bread will harden like a rock and the cookies will absorb all the moisture, softening markedly. Don't forget the paper towel, or the bread will stick to the cookies!

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                    I was just wondering to myself if the brown sugar trick would work for cookies!

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                      Works like a charm -- I like cookies super chewy, so my cookie tin always has a slice of bread in it!

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                      I just tried this--great hint! I had cookies that were a few days old and getting hard and added a piece of bread to the tupperware. Just a few hours later and they're soft again. Thanks!

                    3. Use as a mix in for ice cream!

                      1. If you still have them, I use crushed chocolate chip cookies as a crust for banana (or other no bake) pie. Just crush them, add melted butter and press into a pie pan. Bake for a few more minutes in a preheated to let it set. It makes a great pie crust or base for bar cookies.