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Feb 26, 2008 01:41 PM

13 Mott Street - Noodle Village

kobetobiko mentioned this new place recently - I think it is the second or third restaurant at this location since the previous owner died. Noodle Village has been open for about six weeks the waitress told me. Stopped in for lunch and ordered the Squid and Pig Skin with Curry Sauce and Noodle Soup. A Cantonese pal ordered Pork Liver and Fish Congee. A fair number of Chao Zhou or Teo Cheo (in their menus it's spelled Chew Teo) dishes. Entire menu consists really of noodle or congee dishes with some vegetables, dumplings and specials. And they proudly boast no MSG, both on their awning and in their menus. Three pieces of tender pig skin and squid parts in a delicious curry sauce. Bowl of plain noodles in a light broth on the side. My pal complained that the Congee was too watery but I think that might be the Chao Zhou/Fu Zhou style. What did blow me away was the very friendly and attentive service. I'll go back!

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  1. Hi scoopG,

    Thanks for the report! Since this place gets your stamp of approval, I am heading there! I will report back after my visit!

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      Love to hear what you think! My Cantonese friend said she'd not likely go back because of the watery congee. When I compare it to the noodle shops on Eldridge or Forsyth I'd say it is a bit more expensive and you just can't beat those hand made noodles that are cheaper. But rents are higher on Mott and the service at Noodle Village was so warm and welcoming, it is enough to bring me back for sure. The restaurant that was there previously was the very short-lived Sing Wong - which was just another generic Cantonese.

      1. re: scoopG

        scoopG - u didnt happen to try their wonton noodle soup did u? that other post was saying they heard it was good

        i love the hk style wonton noodle soup with the thin yellow noodles and some cha siu....i used to eat it all the time in hk, one of my favorite types of comfort food. only place i found in manhattan that puts out a decent bowl is great ny noodletown

        1. re: Lau

          I like the wonton noodle soup at Wonton Garden on Mott, across from Big Wong. Haven't tried NY Noodletown but liked their congee there a while back.

          1. re: pinkylechat

            if the big wong you refer to is the one across amazing 66 then you should try the wonton noodle soup at Big Wong itself ....that is where i go to in manhattan when i crave wonton noodle soup.....i realize that big wong looks like a bbq/roast pork/chicken/duck place when i say this.

            if you go ......would like to know if you liked it

            1. re: jaymor

              big wong is fairly similar to ny noodletown, but i like the cha siu better at ny noodletown (its the best ive had in manhattan ctown)

              ill go back and try big wong's version fairly soon as i haven't eaten there in quite a long time

                1. re: jaymor

                  i believe the cross sts are bowery and bayard

                  check the boards (there are tons of posts about it)

                  my favorite things there:
                  - shrimp wonton noodle soup w/ cha siu (ask them for the cha siu)
                  - all of their bbq meats are great; my favorites are cha siu, soy sauce chicken and roast baby pig
                  - salt & pepper calamari
                  - any of their "flowering chive" dishes...i usually get the beef

                  1. re: Lau

                    I have tried wonton from both NY Noodletown and Big Wong. Both places have these pro's and con's:
                    - soup have shrimp flavor though lacking the "fish essense"; still better than most wonton places
                    - wonton skin is too thick at both places
                    - At Noodletown, the shrimps are bigger but not fresh. They don't have the bouncy texture that fresh shrimps have. It has the shrimp roe taste but it is fishy in a bad way. (note: I love shrimp roe)
                    - At Big Wong, the shrimps are small and the shrimp and pork ratio is off.

                    Overall, they are better than average in Manhattan Chinatown (mainly because of the broth), but definitely below average in Hong Kong (since you mentioned it, Lau)

                    However, I still say that Big Wong has the best congee and best steamed chicken and soy chicken in Chinatown. Beat NY Noodletown IMO.

                    I do like the salt and pepper soft shell crabs at NY NT when in season.

                    I still haven't been to 13 Mott, shame on me!

                    Thanks for bringing this thread up as a reminder that I should visit!

                    1. re: kobetobiko

                      of course its below avg in HK!! haha...but since we're in NY beggars can't be choosers and NY noodletown is much better than the bulk of the places (i've had some really bad versions) where the noodles are off, the broth is bland and the wontons taste like frozen ones (specifically in recent memory JM Family and East Corner Wonton). for that matter big wong is much better than most of the places as well

                      ny noodletown is not my favorite congee (i never get it there), that goes to new wing huang on lafayette, but big wong's is quite good (better than ny noodletown from my memory)....i haven't had the chicken at big wong's in a long time, so its quite possible that its better (i was regular at big wong's in college)

                      1. re: Lau

                        Hi Lau - I've never been to Hong Kong so I have nothing to compare, but I thought the wonton noodles at Yummy Noodles were better the NY Noodle Town, Big Wong and the New Big Wang. The noodles had a good snap to them, the wontons were crisp with chunks of shrimp in it and the soup was flavorful, but be warned it did have a ton of MSG in it. And I have to say their roast meats are not as good as the other restuarants mentioned. I would love your opinion since you've been to HK, and others for that matter, wouldn't mind finding a better bowl at a new location.

                        1. re: MeLikeToEat

                          i havent tried it at yummy noodle although i do eat there semi-regularly b/c its the only place i know in ctown that serves a real bo zai fan (its a clay pot rice and they do a good job on it)...i agree and i dont think their roasted meats are up to par with ny noodletown, big wong etc. Part of the reason i like the version at ny noodletown is that i like their cha siu quite a bit, which i really like in my noodle soup

                          ill try it at yummy noodle

                          btw u should really try the bo zai fan at yummy noodle...i really like the minced pork with salted fish, my roommate gets the minced beef with runny egg on it. Remember to pour the dark soy sauce on weird u can pour so much on it and for some reason it doesnt seem like u poured that much on it and i always let the rice at the bottom sit for a bit, so it gets the crunchy part

                          1. re: MeLikeToEat

                            I like New Chao Chao's (111 Mott) wonton noodle soup but must admit I've not ordered it at Big Wong or NY Noodletown in such a long time. Also - I think Big Wong's BBQ Roast Pork is the best in Chinatown.

                            1. re: scoopG

                              i like new chao chow...i think they've got some tasty noodle soups (their broth is quite good and a bit different than most places prob b/c of chao zhou influence, duck is very good as well). I like their wonton noodle soup, but it's not the classic HK version that I want, the broth is a bit different and I believe the noodles were different as well (i thought they used rice noodles, but its been a little while since ive had it there)

                              also, id give the cha siu at ny noodletown a try...i used to like big wong's the best (its very good though and close), but a long time ago I switched b/c I had some very good cha siu at ny noodletown

                              1. re: Lau

                                Have you ever had Big Wong's BBQ Roast Pork fresh and hot from their basement oven? Divine! Just never have been able to see that at any other C-town place. Maybe I am not getting to these places at the right time! I love NY NT's pan fried noodle dishes, will have to try your recs soon.

                                1. re: scoopG

                                  u know thats actually what turned me onto ny noodletown's cha siu....was actually going for salt and pepper calamari a few years ago and got some wonton noodle soup and decided to get a side order of cha siu and it was really fresh and hot and very good, so then i started going there

                                  that said, the difference between big wong's and ny noodletown is not that big and im sure when big wong's is fresh and hot (ive had it fresh before along time ago), they probably aren't that different

                          2. re: Lau

                            hey is new wing huang still the favorite for congee? and if so, what other dishes would you recommend there?

                            1. re: daffyduck

                              Stuff's still good there, except they've tweaked the name again for the umpteenth time. It's now Wing Wong with a small "111" in front (for the street address 111 Lafayette). It's my favorite place for noodle soup in all of Chinatown.

                              Shu Jiao Fu Zhou Cuisine
                              118 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002

                              1. re: Chandavkl

                                okay, thanks. so noodle soups and congee are where it's at there?

                                1. re: daffyduck

                                  yah their bbq is just okay, i haven't actually been there in a while

                                  i like ny noodletown's congee as well

                                  actually ive never gotten anything besides congee and bbq at new wing huang / wing wong

                                  1. re: Lau

                                    has anyone tried the congee at congee and are big wong, wing wong, and the rest of the restaurants i see with wong all connected? so would having congee at big wong be the same as wing wong?

                                    1. re: daffyduck

                                      i dont think alot of them are connected although some of them maybe, alot of their names are different in chinese

                                      ive tried the congee at most of them, i prefer ny noodletown and wing wong, but the big wong, hsin wong etc all have pretty decent congee too

                              2. re: daffyduck

                                Soy sauce duck. And if they have duck gizzards, they're excellent, but that seems to be a pretty rare occurrence.

                            2. re: kobetobiko

                              Yes on the shrimps in the wontons at Noodletown being big but not fresh. I've often noticed that in the last year or so. They're not so old that I can't eat them, but I think they used to be fresher.

                        2. re: Lau

                          We went to bw last night and the cha siu was amazing. The wonton soup was also very good-wontons were great.

                      2. re: pinkylechat

                        Highly reccomend NY Noodletown. Favorite dishes there are the "with" flowering chive dishes, very good pork and pan fired noodle bowls. Many good specials from time to time on the walls. Ask if you can't read chinese.

                2. Wontons with crunchy flash cooked shrimp filling, and perfect, delicate very al dente thin egg noodles with elegant shark fin wafting in the consumme. With such great Cantonese wonton soup with ingredients being primary and highly considered, I really do not understand how people can accept the yecky Chinese American version or any other version for that matter... well, unfortunately I do understand LOL. I have had a lot of wonton noodle soups, and have always looked for the best. Last time I savored something this good was at the old Sweet n Tart on Mott Street, which is closed now. They use to import their noodles from Toronto. Guys, the ingredients, textures, cooking and making methods in this wonton soup at Noodle Village are exquisite, a true testament to what Cantonese food is about, at its best.

                  1. I broke my Yom Kippur fast here, and thought the food was good, but not so good that I'd race back. I had a bowl of noodle soup with shrimp wontons, shrimp dumplings, and cilantro black egg dumplings. That last definitely contained cilantro, but nothing I would call black egg, even if I knew what black egg was, which I don't. I thought it might be thousand year old egg, but no. There were some strips of what seemed to be mushroom in there, though. The dumplings and wontons tasted very fresh, and the wonton skins were super thin. The noodles had a nice, springy consistency, although they were a little clumpy. I found the broth a trace too salty (as usual). I also had yau choy and Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce, perfectly steamed and fetchingly arrayed in neat rows on a big plate. The place is spotlessly clean, and the service pleasant but slow.

                    1. I went yesterday with some family who ordered, so forgive me if I get some of the dishes wrong. I had a lovely shrimp wonton soup (no noodles) with big, meaty wontons. Bouncy, juicy shrimp inside. I was surprised to be able to identify a single giant shrimp inside each wonton. The broth was good, too, not too salty IMO. Also tried a fried pork dumpling which was good but not revelatory. We had some braised beef with daikon which was flavorful and tasty. But my favorite item by far was rice in a stone pot with chinese sausage, thonly sliced fatty pork, and other sauces and items on top, where the rice got a little crispy by the end. Delicious!

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                      1. re: kathryn

                        I got take out here a couple of times. The stone pot with rice dish was good! I think the one I ordered had bits of pork ribs in black bean sauce and some tiny fried dried fish (anchovies? not sure).. I was pretty impressed with it. I will have to try their dumplings next time I am there...

                        1. re: kathryn

                          arrived at this thread via mentions of Noodle Village on this thread:

                          all about the bo zai fan!

                          Noodle Village
                          13 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

                        2. Inspired by this thread, I stopped by Noodle Village AND Big Wong last night. At Noodle Village I had congee with mustard greens and pumpkin. I liked it a lot. I did not think it was watery, but maybe the pumpkin thickened it up some. I noticed that you can add black egg to any congee for $1.00; I think the egg would have been good with this combo. The restaurant was very clean and nicely appointed, and the food on the other tables looked quite appetizing, especially an order of fried fish skin at one of the tables (I had to ask a waitress to identify it for me). I've never seen or tasted this item before, but it looked very crispy and not greasy at all. Green vegetables with oyster sauce also looked very fresh and perfectly cooked.

                          At Big Wong I had roast duck. It was excellent! Probably the best roast duck I've had in Chinatown since the last time I went to Big Wong a few years ago. It was way better than the roast duck I had at Noodletown a couple of months ago, for example. Now, I have to say it was pretty fatty. But the meat was also exceptionally juicy and flavorful. I am not averse to a little extra duck fat anyway. So I'll be sticking with Big Wong for roast duck in the future.

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                          1. re: Westminstress

                            the thing with big wong and noodletown is its sort of luck of the draw as to when the meat was cooked. If you get it from either place when its been freshly cooked its very good at both places, if you get it...i usually go to noodletown, but they are both pretty decent

                            1. re: Lau

                              Lau, have you tried Noodle Village? If so, do you like it?

                              1. re: Pan

                                ive only been there once...i got the beef brisket noodle soup, it was pretty decent, brisket was tender and noodles were good, the broth was a little too salty...ive actually been meaning to go back to make a proper review

                                1. re: Lau

                                  Yeah.. please let us know what you think is good there. I am curious to try other dishes there after getting takeout a couple of times...