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Feb 26, 2008 01:32 PM

Sioux Falls ..where to eat

When I was in college in Soiux Falls .I went to a place called the Tea Steakhouse .Tea South Dakota .The place was a cinderblock building with a Bar attached .You picked out the steak you wanted by weight /size.. It came with potatoe and salad .. the food was outstanding and a real treat .Question does it still exist and where do you recommend as a good eatery in Sioux Falls

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  1. Yes, the Tea Steakhouse is still open. I also went to college in SF (Augie Class of 2003) and one of my favorite spots to eat was Spezia on Western and 26th (I think, could be wrong on the cross street. It's owned by the same people who own Minervas. We also went to the Fat Duck in downtown, but I'm not sure if that is open anymore. For Mexican food Inca was always our favorite spot--the flour nachos are too die for. And while it is a regional chain, Granite City Brewery on Louise was always a favorite. I believe the Sioux Falls location was the 2nd or 3rd to open in the chain and the beer is pretty fair and the food good. Their bleu cheese burger is outstanding.

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      I went to USF, when I graduated 1969 I think the stagecoach was still running .Our idea of a good lunch was a pitcher @ Charlie's on Minnasota ave
      I am very spolided because I live close to NYC ,Phily and Atlantic City and the food choices are out of control with prices to match .I hope to visit SF in the near future ,so I am glad to see that good chow is in the area

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        I remember Charlie's circa 1976. They had the best chislic in the world!

        Speaking of stagecoaches, do you remember the place on Minnesota Avenue where you could actually dine in a stagecoach, jail setting, etc. It had a wild west theme, Buffalo Bills or something like that?

        When I'm in Sioux Falls, I love takeout from Saigon Panda on east 10th Street. The fried spring rolls with Vietnamese sauce (Not sweet and sour, need to be very specific with them) and spicy green beans with pork are my favorites. The spicy green beans are not dumbed down and are actually full of chopped hot red peppers. Love the burn!

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          I forgot about the chislic WOW ! It was the Best...
          The Drug store next to Charlie's sold Hard Booze !! you do not see any place else . What was that gin mill on Miiesota ave ,toward town ,that specialized in tomatoe juice /Beers had a package good store in the back ..It had some crowd in there ...

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          I second the bleu cheese burger. I hate chains but this Granite City has great food. The beer is average (IMHO)

          1. In addition to the notes in the other Sioux Falls post I would add a few things. Theo's/601 Arota is gone. It is now Tre Lounge. I have not been in there.

            The Tea Steak House is still kicking. I honestly don't see it as earth shattering but I live out here so maybe I am jaded. They still have a pretty good t-bone. Expect to see farmers wander in wearing their coverall and oilcloth tablecloths. Not fancy.

            Some other spots that have come up recently. Joey's Seafood. We tried to get in twice but the line was really long. There are two new beer & wine bars on 8th street in the sort of art district. There is also a new piano & wine bar the Paramount, next to Minerva's downtown. Another spot is McNally's. It is technically an Irish Pub but they have some pretty good food. Their lamb is local and rather good.

            There is also Touch Of Europe. It is downtown on Phillips Ave. They have some pretty good German and eastern European offerings and do jazz on Sat. nights.

            Redrossa is a big favorite but go for dinner if you do. Their lunch crew is rather inept. The dinner crew is much more on the ball and more consistent product. Four of us can eat there for $40 or less.

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              Oh yeah, I forgot about Touch of Europe. Hands down, best atmosphere in SooFoo. Definitely a great little place.