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Feb 26, 2008 01:30 PM

Need suggestions for Indian in Jackson Heights

I don't know a lot about Indian cuisine, but I promised my partner I'd take her and about 6 friends to Jackson Heights for an Indian feast for her birthday? Suggestions? Tips on what to order? Other cool stuff to do nearby? Thanks!

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  1. Most OB bloggers will tell you to go to Spicy Mina or to Deshi Biryani. I like them both, but still prefer the Jackson Diner. It's a matter of personal taste. I love Jackson Diner's Mushroom Achari. The mushrooms are huge and they come on a skewer of several with chunks of onion and green pepper in a nice Achari sauce. Though an appetizer, it's enough for an entire meal.

    1. Ditto on the Jackson Diner. Reliably great, and a bargain. Have not spent enough time in JH to guide you on what else to do while there-- but it's certainly scenic and bustling.

      1. Myclawyer said that most people will say to go to Deshi, so let me be the first. I've been there about ten times and love the food, service and decor.

        74th street, that one block with all the Indian shops, makes a nice stroll before dinner.

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          I'll second the recommendation of Deshi, which has some delicious and varied appetizers and -- as the name indicates, several top notch biryanis (i like the bone-in chicken "with hard boiled egg for luck." it's more bangladeshi than indian, and i'd note that you might notice a slight difference in preparation of familiar dishes...but i think you'll be happy with those alterations. i love the saag paneer, for instance, and i can't put my finger on the exact difference....

          1. re: david sprague

            I always go for the "Chef Specials", which are the usual suspects (korma, vindaloo, bhuna, etc) The only difference I notice is that they are better prepared than elsewhere. Maybe the difference is mustard oil?

        2. Go to Deshi Biryani. It's Bengali. Jackson Diner is awful IMO. Spicy Mina's can be great and I've had great meals there, but it is ridiculously inconistent and the food can range anywhere from a 10 to a -3 randomly.

          Indians don't actually live in JH any more. It's basically Bengali/Bangladeshi.