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Feb 26, 2008 01:17 PM

STL - Rehersal Dinner Restaurants?

I'm looking for a fun, casual restaurant to host a rehearsal dinner for 60 people in November. I'd prefer to be in the downtown area, but am open to all ideas. Any suggestions?

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  1. Here are some rambling suggestions:

    Frazer's on Pestalozzi has an upstairs banquet room; do not know how many it holds.

    Also, I wonder if the folks at Sage will block out their upstairs dining room for you.

    And the Ninth Street Abbey is a possibility

    How about the back room at Lucas Park Grill

    Fun, casual: the Atomic Cowboy on Manchester.

    Can you get a downtown restaurant that is only open at lunchtime, such as Smitty's (which is fun and casual), to stay open at night for you?

    The Tap Room

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    1. re: Doug

      Thank you for all of the suggestions! I grew up in St. Louis, but haven't spent much time there in awhile. I will check all of these out!

    2. Sqwires in Lafayette Square has a nice banquet area/menu.

      1. Yemanja Brasil in Benton Park has a banquet room.

        1. Type of food? Price range--- alcohol.... included or excluded?
          Time of dinner? night of the week? Where's the church?

          That might help narrow down the recs.