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Feb 26, 2008 12:56 PM

Grill Point New Rochelle -- Reviews?

Been there a couple times and I find it OK but nothing special. Nargila in the city and HaPisgah in Queens are far better. Also, the service has been wanting. Opinions?

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  1. Next time you are there ask when (and if) the Cedarhurst location will open..

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    1. re: MartyB

      I am sick of those people complaining that it is not as good as Haspisgah. They are totally different style restuarants. I have gone to Grill Point numerous times since it opened, mostly for takeout. I have found the food very good and very reasonably priced. For all those who complain, I assume they would prefer to be stuck driving 30+ minutes in each direction in order to eat anything other than chinese...

      As with most "israeli style" restaurants, service is an issue. Hopefully as time goes on they will be able to improve the service. I hope that people continue to support the store.

      1. re: LA Hungry

        LA Hungry: Sorry to make you sick. Let's not argue about the so-called style of each of these restaurants. My point is that food is food. Who cares about style? I've found the food at Grill Point to be not terribly well-seasoned but rather bland. Also, the side dish options pale compared to what HaPisgah and Nargilah offer. Would you believe that Grill Point offers peas and carrots (I confirmed that they come frozen from a huge bag) but not the more traditional stringbeans in tomato sauce, lentils and rice (i.e. Mujadrah), etc.? Also, here is a good one: depending on what type of soda your order at your table you may receive an 8 oz bottle, 10 oz bottle or 12 oz can--all for the same price! Something wrong with that, no? As someone who frequents New Rochelle kosher establishments, and has seen more than a few go out of business because they failed to deliver quality food and service, I sincerely hope and want GP to succeed. But I need to tell it like it is...

        1. re: KosherKing

          Grill Point serves its purpose. It is a casual Israeli restaurant. As a restaurant, Hapisgah is better (and more expensive). I like Grill Point's concept of being able to order food and have self service. This enables a person to sit at a counter table and not have to pay for waiter service.

          By the way, the Grill Point in Cedarhurst had new chairs and tables stacked in front of it. I would assume that means that they are opening soon.

    2. Having eaten at the Flushing Grill Point for years and loved every minute of it, from the incredibly tasty perfectly grilled juicy meats, those amazing fries, food that always comes smoking HOT, fast and FRIENDLY service, and staff that knows and cares about the neighborhood and it's customers, I popped into the New Rochelle Grill Point last week to sample. The staff was on another planet, SLOW, and had a ton of trouble understanding English. I ordered Beef Kakob with Fries. Ended up with COLD beef kabob, and cold watery coucous with some pickled veggies on top. I could not believe it. I asked for water and it was delivered at the end of the meal. At the Flushing location, the giant wonderful home made flat grilled pita, comes hot and smothered in sesame seeds. In New Rochelle it came cold, much less sesame seeds and lacked the crunchy bottom and pully top that we all LOVE. The owner better get on top of this place quickly, because the novelty will wear off fast when customers get burned enough with this kind of food preparation and service. I spend lots of time in Westchester, but will never go back to the New Rochelle Grill Point. Flushing, here I come!

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      1. re: nneiman

        I hope the Cedarhurst one (if and when it ever opens up) is more like the Flushing one than the New Rochelle one. With the enormous competition in the 5 towns and it’s off the main drag location it had better be real good.

        1. re: MartyB

          Speaking of the enormous competition in the 5T, I heard a rumor that Grill Time (of Florida) is opening in Pescado's space. At this rate, it will probably open before Grill Point.

          1. re: websterhall1994

            The more the merrier! I need more meat choices now that I am back on Atkins. My Israel trip and a short time later Pesach was too much for me and the pounds must go! Now that Burger Bar is off my radar ($15 for two burgers on a bed of lettuce, no way!) I need a substitute. As an aside, when I went to help my daughter move dorm rooms at Stern College she took me to Mendy's (34th & Park), there we had their salad, for $8 and change, you got a large salad with a choice of 5(!) toppings (out of a huge selection) and a choice of meat (I chose pastrami). For almost half the price of Burger Bar, you get a salad that is less boring, since they also had a large choice of meats to choose from, and just as filling and great tasting.