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Feb 26, 2008 12:30 PM

madeleines and macarons

is there anywhere that i can get some nice quality fresh madeleines and macarons in Toronto(downtown if possible)?
merci in advance!

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  1. Hard to find, indeed. I know there is a place called Madeleine's on Bathurst at Dupont that makes many varieties of Madeleine. Also, St. John's Bakery on Broadview, just north of Queen makes pretty good ones, but you may have to order them in advance as they don't always have stock.

    As for macarons, the best I've had are at Le Comtoir De Celestin on Mt. Pleasant just south of Soudan.

    Hope this helps!

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    1. re: currycue

      Madeleine's madeleines turned me onto saffron sweets........ i've just gotten into the habit of making them at home with an adjusted martha stewart recipe and a pan i picked up from a sale at $1. don't see them that often otherwise. decent macarons are near impossible.

      1. re: pinstripeprincess

        The macarons from Madeleine's are hard as rock and those from Patachou are lacking in flavour and too soft compared to those from Laudree.

        Fragipane (Madison and Dupont) and Dessert Lady (Yonge and Cumberland) will make macarons if you pre-order a certain number. But since a good macaron is so hard to come by in TO, I am not too sure whether I will want a few dozen macarons from them without tasting or even seeing their macarons first. Hence, I have never try the macarons from these two places.

        Currycue, does Celestin require a minimum order of macarons?

        1. re: tree25

          i was also disappointed in the madeleine's from Madeleine's. oh, and the scones. I have since discovered that I should just make the scones for myself...i may also try to make the madeleine's (if i can find a pan that isn't exborbitant) but the macarons i wouldn't even attempt. thanks for your suggestions! I will try Le Comtoir De Celestin - sounds very intriguing! and maybe i will look into Fragipane to see how many i would have to order and how much they are....

          1. re: tree25

            The last time i asked was a dozen for a minimum order. Celestin claimed that they actually makes macarons during holiday season (X'mas). Maybe they'll celebrate easter?! who knows?!

      2. Today, I finally tried the madeleines and macarons from La Bamboche on Manor and Yonge. Not exactly downtown but still accessible by TTC.

        The texture of the macaron is quite similar to those from Laduree. Flavour wise, there are not many selections and some of them doesn't taste as strong as those from Laudree or Pierre Herme. The chestnut and chocolate are the closest to Laduree's. I think the macaron from La Bamboche are better than those from Patachou and Madeleine's. As for the madeleines, they are pack with flavours, soft and moist. They are even better than those sold in the food market under La Bon Marche. Macaron is $2 each and madeleine is $1.5 each.

        La Bamboche is my favourite patisserie after today. The service is also excellent. No attitude at all. You can found pictures of their product from their blog.


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        1. re: tree25

          I was very disappointed with the macarons from la Bamboche. I tried one of the miniatures this past summer and found the blueberry/milk chocolate flavour a nasty combination. The madeleine I felt was so-so, and a bit pricey. The best Toronto madeleines so far I have purchased from Clafouti on Queen West. They usually sell out very quickly on a Saturday. Patachou's madeleines are tiny and nice to dip in a cup of tea. Not so the macarons.

          1. re: rat under paper

            Funny, I also had great madeleines from Clafouti about 2 years ago. I went back for quite some time looking for them and then a lady behind the counter said they had stopped making them, so I stopped going there for them.

            1. re: currycue

              Maybe that's why they always seem to be sold out- but no-one said so to me!

        2. Got some really nice madeleines from Jules on Mount Pleasant yesterday. The ones I got at Patisserie LaCigogne were kind of stale. As for macarons, I finally got up to Celestin yesterday and I was terribly disappointed by the lack of flavour in theirs. Very sugary. Quite far from Laduree.

          1. La the best place for my taste...also their ice cream is fabulous...the owner/baker makes it in house...the chocolate is my favorite...and he is a delight to talk with....Miranda

            1. I tried both the mini macarons from Patisserie La Cigogne and La Bamboche and I think the ones from La Cigogne were better, taste and texture-wise.