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Feb 9, 2002 05:29 PM

Greek Food in Orange County (or LA)?

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I'm fairly new to the area and am looking for a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant that serves both dolmas (grape leaves) and those filo pastry things (filled w/meat and/or veggies, cheese, etc.). I'd prefer a good restaurant in OC, but would consider driving to a spectacular place in LA. I've found a couple of restaurants that serve either dolmas or filo pastries, but not both. I can't find anything to compare to my favorite Mediterranean restaurant in the SF area (La Med). Can anyone help me? I'm feeling deprived and desperate!!!

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  1. The filo dough triangle filled with cheeses is called "Tiropita" and the one with spinach is called "Spanakopita."
    I have yet to find a place as good as my grandma's...I hope we get some good ones from this thread. There are some decent frozen ones you can get at the Greek market (C&K on Pico and Normandie) near St. Sophia.

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      You mentioned C & K. Don't forget their counter service and seating area. I think the offerings are quite varied, good, and extremely reasonable.

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        Al what are you doing here? I normally only see your posts on OCnow. The Greek restaurant I normally go to in OC is "Christakis" in Tustin behind Newport 17. I like "Papadakis" in San Pedro.

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          I guess I'm bi-boardal. If you haven't been to C& K across from St. Sophia do so. It is in a grocery-deli which has an amazing array of Greek specialities for take out. They have a counter where you line up to order and your food is brought to your table. It is the only place I have found outside of Greece that has the "little fried fish". Everything else is delicious and the place itself is an experience and extremely reasonable (cheap).

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            How can you go that close to LANGER's and not stop there too! I'm having Pastrami cravings already, I may go tomorrow, thanks for the tip on C&K.

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              Even if we eat lunch at Langers we always stop at C & K to take something home. Last time at Langers my wife ordered straight pastrami/coleslaw with thousand island and I ordered pastrami and chopped chicken liver. We split the orders and it was HEAVEN! You have now made me dream rye bread dreams tonight.

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              where is C&K?? i missed it in la or oc??

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                C & K is one block North of St. Sophia. I believe it is just off of Normandie

      2. Cafe Plaka on Brookhurst at Ellis in Fountain Valley will satisfy your Greek food craving. We just had a party there last night. Spanakopita and tiropita are full of spinach and cheese, dolmades (veggie served cold and meat served hot) also excellent. Babaganoush (the Greek version) tangy with lemon and garlic. Saganaki prepared with appropriate flame and flourish tableside, served in sizzling pans. Wide selection of souvlakis, lamb, fish, and tradtioanl dishes. Attentive service, reasonable prices, and they will make you feel like family. (And no, I don't work for them). One of my favorite places in OC.

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          Thanks sooo much. This sounds perfect. I will have to try it out!

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          torta basilica

          Avoid the Aegean Cafe in Laguna if you are with a group. They made us choose from 2 set menus that were almost the same - no moussaka, saganaki, etc offered on these set menus. Calamari & tarmosalata, hummus, etc. were great, tiropitas & salad so so, but they brought out all the fish & meat on a platter - the fish tasted truly off & the lamb was so mealy & chewy we couldn't eat it. They even wouldn't let the kids order something else that wasn't on this set menu, so had to pay regular price for them, plus order pastichio (sp?) that they would eat. Liked the baklava & they are really into audience participation with the belly dancer & waiters. They do have Santorini wine, tho, which after retsina tastes pretty good! I prefer to drive to Papadakis in San Pedro - interior reminds me of so many greek tavernas, but will try Cafe Plaka. There used to be a great one in S. County, but I heard they aren't there anymore.