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Cuban Food (Counter Style Restaurants)

I am planning a trip to NYC and I'm interested in some good honest cuban food. Years ago, I went to a hole in the wall place near the 8th Ave/14th Street Subway station. I remember some enjoying some very tasty puerco asado. I don't recall the name of that place, and I'm not even sure if it is still there, serving the awesome carne, with plantiains and black beans. Nonetheless, I am looking for similar places to check out and would love some suggestions?

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  1. Check out Milanes on 25th between 6th and 7th Avenue (closer to 7th Avenue). The best cuban sandwiches there. I think it's what you are looking for.

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      Try El Deportivo on 9th ave and 49th st.

    2. Also, Margon, 46th Street btwn 6th and 7th

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        I second Margon, it is a great hole in the wall Cuban place. Best cubano sandwich in the city. The roast pork in the sandwich is always moist and although it's not traditional, they put salami in the sandwich and top it off with mustard, mayonaise and a garlic vinegar. They also have great pernil, morros y cristianos, and maduros.

      2. You went to La Taza de Oro, which is definitely a hole in the wall, but Puerto Rican-owned, I believe. It's still plugging away and offering great food, but I'm a bigger fan of the food at Castillo de Jagua which seems a little more flavorful. Again, not exactly Cuban.

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          It was Taza de Oro!!! I will go there to try your recommendation. Love it!

          These are great suggestions peeps! I can't wait to try some of them too!

        2. You are thinking of the Sulcet Coffee shop. It was there up till at least a year or so ago, but not sure now..It doesn't show up on a yellow pages search. The name might have changed, though. They always used to get the award for beast black beans and rice in NYC, from the NY Press. However, the ladies who ran it were Venezuelan, not Cuban.

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              Ouch! That hurts. I obviously didn't get there that often anymore, since I no longer work in the neighborhood, but knowing it is gone is depressing.

          1. Sophies is great and they have a few locations around town.

            1. I am half Puerto Rican and the food is very different from Cuban or Dominican food. I think Castillo is Dominican. Taza is PR all the way and btw, one of the only authenic PR restauants in NY,, the other being Sofrito and in the Bronx owned by Jimmy Rodrigues. but taza has pasteles and Sofrito doesn't but I have not tried Sofrito yet. Am planning to though

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                There's also La Fonda Borriqua in E. Harlem for pretty traditional Puerto Rican fare.

              2. Taza is very old though and the waiters are too, food is very good, but have to say to take it easy on the portions if you are not used to Latin food. I heard Cafecito in the EV is tasty and cheap.

                1. Havana Chelsea has reopened under new management.