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Feb 26, 2008 12:21 PM

2005 MOVIE: "Waiting"

I am more than certain that this comedy has been discussed in the past however, a friend of mine loaned the DVD to me so I watched it for the first time a couple weeks ago and will probably never be the same way again when I dine out. For those who have not seen it, the movie is set in a fictitious restaurant which looks an awful lot like a TGIF decor. It has lots of gross comedy dealing with male and female anatomy, spitting on food, etc. also, the "going ons" of running a restaurant. Most of it deals with the boredoms and and horrible customers (and staff) which can plague the business. In a nut shell, you make the waiter or cook staff upset, then don't even try to imagine what nasty stuff they are doing to your food. Yikes! Although a gross out comedy, it is unfortunately a very real event happening in some public eating establishments. In a way, this movie might be good for people (not too young) to watch if not for anything else, as an eye opener. Remember, try to always be polite. If you have to send your food back because it was not prepared properly, do it in a nice manner without being demeaning to the staff because, you just never know. Also, try to leave a decent tip when possible. Remember, the faults for bad service may or may not be the faults of the waiters, cooks or management. When all else fails, word of mouth can be brutal on a business (i.e., CHOWHOUND) which doesn't make any attempts to provide good service, good food, clean restaurant and bathrooms.

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  1. For the record I'm a big fan of Anna Faris, Justin Long, and Ryan Reynold and I think those three and the supporting cast of "Waiting" did a good job of capturing the shenanigans (no pun intended) of a bunch of early 20-somethings dealing with their jobs as servers. Of course some of the comedy is over-the-top and ridiculous, but it really reminded me of working a full day in a restaurant as a server, which for me was back in the early 90's.

    R. Jason Coulston

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      Waiting has to be one of the best food related movies in existence.

    2. I can tell you it reminded me of my days back in the early 80's with the S & A Restaurant Corporation and the location where the movie was filmed was an actual Bennigan's Restaurant......Green and White decor gave it away, as did the entrance of double doors and the rear service entrance. Even the Manager's office was a exactly as I remember.. The staff on duty was very close to what I remember both at work and always partying off hours later. If I had to guess, I would say a former employee wrote the story and the characters were very accurate with only a slight embellishment for comedic effect.

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        I'm too lazy to search IMDB, but I'm pretty sure Dane Cook either wrote or at least co-wrote the script. I've heard him talk before in his stand-up about his days in food service so I'm sure a lot of very real and very personal experiences went into the writing.

        R. Jason Coulston

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          It was based on the bennigans in Bradenton, Fl, which is now a mexican restaraunt but the original building is and has not been remodeled the kid who wrote the script or playright originally and had to do with the original idea was from Bayshore High School, and was in drama class, he later sold his script and winded off working in hollywood, waiting 2 is about his time working in sarasota, fl as a cover for another employee not really as a manager, bradenton, is home to img academies which host famous stars such as the indianapolis colts, harvards rowing team, anna kournikova, and tropicana headquarters as well as champs sports are here. SO if you want to see the original place for the idea for the movie its on the corner of 1st street east and cortez road in Bradenton, FL

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            They made a sequel called Still Waiting. It's very similar to the first movie.