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Feb 9, 2002 02:00 AM

Chicago Deep Dish in LA?

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Is there any place for Chicago Deep Dish Pizza in LA other than UNO?

I just visted Chicago and tried two places,Due and Lou Malnati's (sp?). Both were great. I doubt I'll find anything that great here, but hey, you never know.

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  1. I am actually a very thin crust guy, and have never experienced real Chicago deep dish. However, there is a place in San Gabriel that we order pizza from at work when we want decent pizza. Petrillo's makes a fairly thick crusted pizza (the total anthihesis to what my usual preference is, in my opinion), but it is a very good tasting crust. We usually order a "special" which comes with pepperoni, sausage, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and I can't remember what else in the large size. Their large pizzas are not round but are rectangles and a couple of slices is a pretty hefty serving for most people.

    There are any number of pizza joints closer to the office, but everyone thinks so much of Petrillos that we always can get someone to make the longer trip over
    to San Gabriel from the south end of Monterey Park.

    They also have an outpost in La Verne on Foothill.

    Here is the main place:

    Petrillo's Pizza Restaurant
    833 E Valley Blvd
    San Gabriel, CA 91776-3643
    Phone: (626)280-7332

    1. You posted your message today, Saturday. If your question hasn't been fully addressed by now, I suspect it's because many people access Chowhound from their work locations, and then cool it for the weekends.

      Apparently the search for Chicago Deep Dish Pizza was discussed in great detail last year. To read these postings, go to the Chowhound main page at In the upper R/H corner in the search engine type "chicago deep dish pizza los angeles" (without the quotes), click on Chew, and see the responses. The consensus was (1) Chicago Pasta House in Moreno Valley, and (2) Chicago-Chicago Pizza in Irvine.

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      1. re: Merril B.

        Thank you for directing me to the posts from last year, but I actually read all of those before posting my question.

        The posts you mentioned were a)from last year, and b) not very helpful. They basically concluded that at the time, there was no deep dish in LA, and as you indicated, the only places mentioned were quite far from LA.

        I was hoping that things might have changed a bit in a year.

        1. re: Creamfinger

          Based on some of the glowing posts for Chicago style pizza I've seen on CH and la.eats, I tried Chicago Pasta House late last year. I've never had this style of pizza so I have no frame of reference. I believe we ordered the pepperoni Chicago Deep dish. It tasted really good. But I remember it being watery and leaked a lot of tomato juice or water, not sauce. So if you didn't eat fast enough it soaked the crust.

          Chicago Pasta House
          24667 Sunnymead Bl.
          Moreno Valley CA
          (909) 924 5777

      2. While not a traditional Chicago pizza, the Sicilian crust pizza at Palermo's on the East hollywood\Silverlake border on Vermont, just north of Hollywood blvd. is by far my favorite pizza in L.A. The crust is thick and airy and bursting with the wonderful flavor of spices and herbs. And the toppings are generous with gooingly melting cheese that doesn't become rubbery after 10 minutes from being served. I'm sure you'll be more than pleased with their pizza.

        1. I've lived in SoCal for 15 years now a native Chicagoan, I have searched far and wide for a great Chicago deep-dish pizza.

          In the immediate LA metro area, you aren't gonna find much. Numero Uno and BJ's are 2 chains that are palatable at best. There actually used to be a Gino's East in Manhattan Beach which was great, but it closed 10 years ago.

          There have been some great "Chicago" places around, especially in Orange COunty, but 2001 saw the closing of 2 of them, Giorgio's of Chicago (the best thin crust pizza and italian beef outside of Chi-town) and Chicago Chicago Pizza (decent food, but great Chicago atmosphere).

          What's left? Thre is another Chicago place in Aliso Viejo called Luke's Chicago pizza...very good thin crust, but have not tried the deep dish...I suspect it's probably ok but not great. However, the real deal is way out in Moreno Valley at the Chicago Pasta House. As far as deep dish pizza goes, it is exceptional, rivaling the best Chicago has to offer. The guy who owns the place, Dino, is a great guy, and his wife does a lot of the cooking. A long drive, but worth it a couple of times a year for the real deal, and the price is right as well.

          1. I have never had Deep Dish Pizza while in Chicago, but have often listened to my-sister-in-law wax poetic about the pizza back home.

            My husband and I do occassionally enjoy pizza from Georgio's on Ventura and Laurel Canyon Blvd. While the consistency of quality has varied some-no enough to actually complain-the pizza comes loaded with toppings, a rather nice sauce, and a more than adequate, sometimes very good, deep-style crust. The Buon Gusto is our favorite with pepperoni, onion, mushrooms and green pepper (we substitute the green pepper for olives). It's certainly not the best pie I've ever had, but better than most and certainly better than Pizza Hut or the like any day.

            On Saturday, a friend told me he'd just tried Pagliacci on Coldwater Caynon and Moorpark. I'd driven by and wondered about it myself. He reported the pizza to be very attractive, healthier and satisfying. If you're looking for a greasy-cheesy experience, this apparently is not the place, but my friend did enjoy his pizza and would definitely return.