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Feb 26, 2008 11:56 AM

dinner in Calistoga

My wife and I are heading to Calistoga for the hot water. Need a Saturday night dinner with wine that doesn't cost too, too much but is still good. Looking over prior posts, Barvino may be the place?? Thanks.

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  1. I recently ate at Wappo in Calistoga. It is is the middle of town so walkable from the hotels in town. The menu was eclectic and very good. I was there with 18 people so I got to sample a lot of the food and a lot of the appetizers. The only item I did not love was the duck confit, which was overdone. All the others items I tried made up for this. Lovely setting and great service. I would recommend.

    1. I used to review restaurants in that area and besides Wappo, I greatly enjoyed Brannan's.

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        Calistoga Inn consistently serves a great menu. It's quaint, comfy and never dissapoints. The patio is even open this time of year. Although they make their own beer, they have an excellent wine list.

      2. Wappo is great. The food and service were very good and it is quite affordable. I remember there being a bar right around the corner that was a lot of fun too.

        1. I live in Calistoga and I think you may enjoy All Seasons Cafe if you are willing to spend a little more. They have a great menu and a huge wine list. They only charge 15% above retail, so it is a good place to try new wines from the area.

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            I second chadders' All Seasons suggestion. I think the quality of the ingredients, their preparation and the wine list make it a very good value (quality/price ratio).

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              Have you dined there lately, souvenir? I've read and enjoyed your posts, but I don't get the All Seasons rec. I've been disappointed time and time again there. What did you have that you enjoyed?

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                Grrr... this is my second attempt to post. Google analytics appeared to hang. Anyway, I said something like...

                ML-The last time I was there was either late Dec or early Jan. I was in the mood for, and had, a burger and shared a lovely zin. I was very happy, but then it was exactly what I wanted at the time. Maybe not the best last memory to write a rec, but I don't have any memories of anyone else unhappy with their choices or the experience.

                Have you always been disappointed? There are places, that for one reason, or a number, just don't live up to expectations.

                The best example that springs to mind is that I love Chez Panisse's cafe, actually like it better than the restaurant, and a friend of mine, that I cook with, and eat out with, and feel we have similar taste preferences, just is underwhelmed by CP period, and won't go there anymore.

          2. I live in Calistoga and Wappo is the spot.