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NO for St. Pat's Long Weekend

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Arriving Thurs. 3/13. Looking for lunch suggestions as I've already determined our one dinner will be Brigtsen's (other two dinners are biz events). Only daytime plans are for Sat - viewing St. P's parade off of Magazine St. - begins at 1 pm (btw, any idea how long this parade lasts?). Where to eat and when on Sat? Was thinking of Commander's Palace for lunch on Friday (love the idea of $.25 martinis!) and walking Garden District and possibly b'fast at Petunia's on Sunday before 3 pm departure. Really want to fit in Dragos grilled oysters at Hilton and maybe Coops for fried chicken and love Monch's suggestion for Muffelata from Central Grocery to go on Sunday. Any input welcomed! THX

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  1. The parade is long. Several hours. There are lots of places to eat along many sections of Magazine St.