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Feb 26, 2008 11:35 AM

Babbo, GT, Freemans, Dovetail, What to order?

Have dinners coming up at Babbo, Gramercy Tavern, Freeman's, and Dovetail. So excited. I've never been to any of these places (all on my to-try list) - what should we order??? Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

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  1. Have only been to Babbo and I recommend: winter vegetable salad, pappardelle bolognese, and one of the delicious gelatos.

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      Also at Babbo, I highly recommend the grilled octopus appetizer. I also enjoyed the beef cheek ravioli there.

      1. re: MagnumWino

        Adding tot he grilled octopus appetizer, the lamb's tongue vinaigrette appetizer is a MUST!

        I love their gnocchi / gnudi! Babbo and Del Posto have the best gnocchi in the city. Once you have them you can't have the gnoochi elsewhere.

        Their beef cheek ravioli or goose liver ravioli are also delicious! So is the orecchiette. In general, you can't go wrong with the pasta at Babbo, though the mint love letter which is popular among other hounds, happened to be my least favorite.

        Entrees - like their sweetbread and octopus. Lamb and pork chops are good, if not a little less interesting. The entrees almost seem a bit pale because the pasta is so great!

        If you do want to do pasta, the pasta tasting is great. But I won't recommend the general tasting, as I found that the dishes included were not the best of the breed.

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          2nding the grilled octopus, lamb's tongue vinaigrette, goose liver ravioli, and sweetbreads. I also was not AS impressed by the mint love letters as other hounds. It was good but the other stuff is transcendent.

    2. Babbo - Sweetbreads, Warm Lamb's Tongue Vinaigrette, Mint Love Letters, etc.
      Gramercy Tavern - not so sure these days. Probably anything. They used to serve a tasty bacon dish in the tavern room
      Freeman's - By far the weakest restaurant on your list. In fact, so far removed in quality that it's funny to see among three greats. That said, I guess the devils on horseback are good, and the spinach artichoke dip too. The pork chop was good too I guess - but very salty.

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      1. re: dkstar1

        Second the lamb's tongue vinagrette - i have dreams about this dish.

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          haha, i know. my grandmother wanted me to take her somewhere she'd never normally go, and i thought freeman's might qualify as hipster but also family friendly... thanks for all the tips everyone - i'm getting excited!

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            Tavern Room or Dining Room? In the Tavern Room, the meatball. Pulled pork sandwich is also good.

            Dining Room - butternut squash risotto, rack of pork, carrot soup, warm vegetable salad, veal cappellacci, smoked lobster (cooked sous vide), Nantucket Bay scallops, mushroom ravioli. I've been twice this winter, and each time gotten the tasting menu (lunch and dinner) and there are a LOT of delicious dishes. Don't forget that you can easily sub items in and out at GT, they are super nice about this.

            The tasty bacon dish in the Tavern Room is now gone since Michael Anthony took over.

          2. Dovetail's best dishes IMO:

            App: Lamb's tongue, sweetbreads, pork belly

            Main: Duck, monkfish, striped bass, roast sirloin w/beef cheek lasagne

            Dessert: Bread pudding

            1. just ate at babbo last weekend. highly highly highly recommend the octopus appetizer, the steamed cockles with chilis, definitely the garganelli with mushrooms, and, if they have it, the braised pork cheek (probably one of the greatest things i have ever eaten). i also really like the maple cheesecake.

              at gramercy tavern, definitely get the duck breast and duck confit dish. simply amazing. also, a little known tidbit: the hot chocolate and apple cider are fantastic!

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                Do you mean beef cheek ravioli? Or is braised pork cheek a new menu item?

                1. re: steakrules85

                  no not the beef cheek ravioli. it was a special friday night. braised pork cheek. three or four huge chunks of braised delicious pork meat. it came topped with a type of slaw that made an unbelievable contrast. as i side, maybe one of the greatest things i've ever eaten. think of it as utterly delicious fancypants barbeque. it was, for lack of a better word, amazing.

              2. As many have mentioned - grilled octopus appetizer at Babbo

                For pasta - black spaghetti, beef cheek ravioli, and mint love letters are my favorites

                Dessert - the warm chocolate cake with hazelnut gelato