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Feb 8, 2002 07:39 PM

Searching - LA Restaurant Names

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I am trying to recall the names of some long gone restaurants in the LA area to which I used to go. My Swiss Cheesy memory is failing me:

A Weight Watchers type restaurant on Pico, a couple of blocks east of Robertson, on the north side of Pico.

We also used to go to the place on the top floor of the Huntley House, on 2nd St, one block north of Wilshire in Santa Monica. It featured a great bar, freebie snacks, Mexican food, a great view of the ocean, and I think it had a name like Geronimo's or something like that.

I'm trying to recall the name of the restaurant on Manhattan Beach Blvd in M.B. which I think is occupied by Cafe Pierre now. It had 2 floors. The second floor was like a balcony which looked down on the 1st floor. It also had a bar, and we used to go there for lunch.

Also, 1 block north of Manhattan Beach Boulevard, 1/2 block east of Highland, we used to go to a place just south of the parking structure which served pretty good continental dishes. I always ordered the Green Lip New Zealand mussels.

I also used to go to a place on top of the Baldwin Hills, on the south side of Stocker west of La Brea, mostly a bar with some decent food - can't remember the name.

There also used to be a topless pizza joint (it was a laff-riot watching pizzas being served) directly across Century Blvd from Hughes Aircraft, 2 blocks east of Aviation.

What was the name of the place which later became Stern's on the Hill on Pershing and Manchester?

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  1. Pancho Villa's was in the old Huntley House. BTW, Huntley House glass elevator that took you to the restaurant is featured in the 60's film, Point Blank.

    1. Just out of curiosity, WHY do you want to know all these names? One or two I can understand trying to recall, buy why so many? If you don't mind...

      The Weight Watchers restaurant, BTW, was Skinny Haven.

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        There have been numerous postings on these boards concerning restaurants which have closed. For my own edification, I started compiling my personal list of places in the LA area which I visited on more than one occasion and which are no longer in business. To my shock and dismay, the list has 142 entries! Obviously way too long to post here. The names of the restaurants which I inquired about in my previous post have just faded from memory and I'm trying to satisfy my curiosity.

      2. I don't know how far back you're going, but the
        one in Baldwin Hills could be "The House of Serfas".
        Operated by Ernie and Nick Serfas. This was in the
        days when the LA Rams played in the Coliseum.

        1. The restaurant at the top of the (now Marriott I think) Huntley Hotel is now called Toppers.

          1. The Baldwin Hills "south side of Stocker" might be the Which Stand, long since converted into a somewhat popular vegetarian place. As a kid I remember going to the Which Stand and being served in the parking lot by waitresses on roller skates.