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Meals for a power outage

Expecting to get home tonight and not have any power. Luckily it'll be cool enough that air conditioning won't be missed, but an electric stove and microwave means that meal-making will be limited to what's raw. Got vegetables for salad, etc. but want something different. Any ideas?

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  1. Got a grill? Grill something!!
    : )

    1. you live in Miami and don't have a little cookstove for hurricane season????

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        I never bothered with a cookstove since the days after hurricanes are too freaking hot to cook anyway. My post hurricane days are spent with canned tuna and Indian food-in-a-bag.

        As for grilling, not only do we not have power but there's scattered thunderstorms (and some tornado watches) to add to our misery.

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          Okay: for the future: a $20 - 30 butane 1 burner stove -- pick up at Navarro Pharmacy or any of the Asian Markets... and a few cans of butane. You can always use it OUTSIDE on hot after hurricane days.

          So-- tonight -- make tuna salad and use balsamic instead of mayo.. use celery seed instead of relish. serve on crackers. smoosh up a can of beans and make a bean dip too.

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            we haven't had a direct hit in Tampa but had an oaktree come down during frances that tore 1/2 phase of power from our house. We had enough power for the fridge and a fan. It was HOT but we sure ate well cooking with our butane burners ; )
            I think it was 3 days before I could get someone out to reconnect power. I was literally running down the street chasing power trucks!

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              I lost an oak during francies in Dunedin. Without power for a just a few days but I was grillin and chillin on the gas grill. I make sure I have 3 full tanks available during the season.

        2. Outdoor grill? Sandwiches??
          If it's any consolation, the breaking news is that restoration of power for you is estimated to be in 10 hours. Good luck and stay safe.

          1. my advice: eat out.

            If your electric is off you do NOT want to open your fridge/freezer except to put ice inside.. pick up some dry ice at Publix -- if there's any left. Otherwise, eat what's not in the fridge/freezer until you're ready to give up on it surviving -- then it's time to grill it all.

            You should at least have a grill for these occasions -- or a little butane burner.

            1. How about gazpacho, some good crusty bread and butter, and a salad? Or toss in some crab meat and cooked shrimp for a seafood gazpacho. Only thing is you'll have to pick up some ice if you want it chilled.

              By the way, we bought a butane burner the summer before Wilma and it was a real life saver after the storm. Good call karmalaw.

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                What a coincidence, we'd made a big batch of gazpacho on Sunday to last thru the week. Maybe I've got a hidden knack for fortune-telling hidden in my subconcious.

              2. we lost power at USF todsay for almost an hour. In the past, I've grilled. Good to have some frozen meat on hand so you can grill for a couple days. when it looks like a bad storm is on the way, I make a bunch of something that I can eat a couple days before diving into the canned foods.

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                    You could also make some good old hearty sub sandwiches.

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                      as long as they don't open the fridge or the freezer:



                      I'm always amazed at the people who prematurely open their fridge/freezer. You should only be doing it as last resort (i.e. it's been so long everything will be ruined) or to add dry ice.


                  2. I never bother with grilling because if it's hot and humid I don't want to be standing over a hot stove. We pick whatever's ripe from the backyard and make something out of that and the fruit/veg we've got hanging around. I have fixins for trail mix on hand at all times, plus fruit and vegetables that can be eaten raw. Carrots last forever. When there's no a/c my appetite goes right out the window.