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Feb 26, 2008 10:46 AM

coffee date--is there anything by the Mount Sinai Hospital?

Hey All,

I am looking for a coffee place around Mount Sinai Hospital...can't think of a place...all suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. You have a few choices that are pretty close and aren't your typical Starbucks/Second Cup/Timmy's: There's an independent coffee place at the corner of McCaul and Dundas right at the NE corner - I think it's called Orange Alert but I could be wrong - never been but it looks like it could be interesting. A little further west is Art Square Cafe. Also a Java Joe's on Gerrard just West of Bay and there's Avenue Cafe on University North of Dundas (I don't think this last option is open in the evening, if that's when the date is...). Hope that helps!

    1. If you don't mind going to a different hospital, there's a Letteiri in TGH - if you enter from the Elizabeth St. entrance, it's past the Druxy's on your left.

      1. You can't go wrong at Moonbeam Coffee a few blocks west.

        Moonbean Coffee - duplicate
        30 Andrew Ave, Toronto, ON M1M, CA

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          The above link shows a St. Andrew St. in northern U.K. (sorry I don't know how to fix your link)

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            That darned Hound! Wouldn't take an edit.

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            This link shows the correct address and map -

            Moonbean Coffee Company
            30 St Andrews St, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

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              There's a relatively new organic cafe that opened up on the corner of Elm and Murray. They do coffee, as well as lunches and dinners. Organic and quite a few vegetarian food choices. I ate there often while my mom was in Mt. Sinai recently.

              Take the Murray doors out of the hospital and you're just about there!

            2. Thank you all the recs...we ended up at Orange Alert and loved it.
              Super nice people, quiet, lots of windows, great tea list ( coffees looked good-all organic-free trade from what I could see) and delectables...was a nice treat from the cold today. Definately would reccommend it.