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Feb 26, 2008 10:40 AM

Paris restaurants closed this week

I will be in Paris at the end of next week and called a couple today for reservations. They are both closed until March 3rd. Anyone know why? Will I have trouble at my choices (not 3 stars) making reservations only a couple of days ahead? Thanks.

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  1. School holidays this and next week in the Paris area could be one reason, at least for smaller neighbourhoood bistrots which may close down completely one out of these two weeks due to less business and regulars being away.
    A couple of days ahead is usually enough, unless it's a starred place or an extremely popular bistrot.
    Make sure you'll have enough alternatives, just in case some won't work.

    1. We just got back from Paris. We went to Berthillion, the gelato place on Ile St Louis, on Monday, Feb. 25th, where we were greeted with a sign that said they were closed for the next few weeks. Maybe it is their winter holiday time.

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        Berthillon is doing a great job! All their annual closings are listed on their web page (bottom). And yes, they're closed till March 6 incl.

        1. re: Dodo

          Berthillon's is closed from July 21 - Sept 2! SOB! I was so looking forward to trying this for my first trip?

          Where else might Berthillon's ice cream be sold or served? I will be in the 6th arrondisement between Jul 23 - Aug 3.

          1. re: goodmom8

            Berthillion is good but over hyped. Go to Christian Constant, 37 Rue d'Assas (same name different person than the chef on St Dominique). This is a very good chocolatier that has a small salon where you can sample exceptional ice creams and sorbets made on site. Berthillon will seem industrial in comparison.

            There used to be even better ice cream than Christian Constant, but it was on the dessert trolly at the now closed 2 star Jamin.

            1. re: f2dat06

              Thank you! I'm putting Christian Constant on my itinerary.

            2. re: goodmom8

              Lots of bistrots, brasseries, cafés do have the Berthillon's ice cream on their menu. Not all the flavours, of course, just the most popular ones.
              Usually, you'll find a sign posted outside saying' Glaces Berthillon' or something like this.

              There is a fab glacier at 109, Rue du Bac, 7th arr., Le Bac à Glaces. Wonderful place and less overrun. In fact, the whole street has small, delightful shops.