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Feb 26, 2008 10:26 AM

South Beach -Help!!!

My wife and I will be visiting South Beach for a week in March and will have a car. We live part of the time in Greenwich Village and like to frequent small, moderately priced restaurants, especially ethnic places. While we do not eat meat or poultry, everything else goes.

Any recommendations will be appreciated.

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  1. Indomania- Miami Beach
    Indonesian food

    Sublime - Fort Lauderdale
    All veggie place, quite lovely

    The Standard- Miami Beach
    Wonderful tofu entree, great cheese plate, fantastic view

    Escopazzo- Miami Beach (a little more than moderately priced)
    Great organic Italian. Lots of veggie and fish options

    Ishq- Miami Beach

    AltaMar- Miami Beach
    Owned by an Argentine. Great fish and pasta dishes

    Fanucci's- Miami Beach
    Great place to get a snack, a quiche or empanada, a sandwich or a cafe.

    1. Some good suggestions. Here's a couple other threads which are somewhat dated but still have some good information ->

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      1. Off the top of my head

        In south beach
        Puerto Sagua
        Tap Tap
        Maison d' Azur (upper end of moderate - can be expensive too depends what you order)
        El Chalan
        Ice Box

        North Miami Beach

        Coral Gables


        If I think of others I will chime in.