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Feb 26, 2008 10:09 AM

"Socially Conscious" Restaurant


I'm looking for a "socially conscious" restaurant (good labor policies, green practices, local food, etc.) for an informal business get together dinner for a group of about 25 activist-minded/progressive people. Our budget is around $35-45 per person, with slight flexibility. The dinner would be sit down, three courses. Any type of cuisine is fine-though a range is always nice. A restaurant that can do a prix fixe menu for groups would be great. Ideally we'd like a private room, but two big tables in a quiet corner would work as well. We don't need something extremely fancy but good food is always a plus!

I really appreciate any leads-I've been having a hard time coming up with anything!

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    1. My guess is that you're having a hard time finding an appropriate restaurant because of your budgetary constraints. Blue Hill immediately comes to mind and would certainly fit the socially conscious guidelines you've set forth, but you'd never be able to do it on that budget. At the moment, I can't think of anyplace else, but if I do, I'll post again.

      1. I think you are going to have a hard time finding that with your budget. Del Posto(Expensive) is one restaurant that is "socially conscious". I mean, I can't totally speak for their labor policies but I know they are, and can afford to be, an impressive "green" restaurant.

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          Wouldn't Del Posto's Enoteca be equally as "green"? I've not been to either, but if it would, from what I gather, the cost might fit the budget.

          How about Angelica Kitchen? I've never tried it, but there are Hounds who like it. I've looked at their website, and their philosophy certainly fits the socially conscious concept. It is vegan, so the group would have to be happy with that style of cooking. Also, there is the question of whether the restaurant is big enough to accommodate a large group.

        2. i've not been, but recently read about Cookshop on the west side. unsure of the deliciousness or their labor practices, but generally seems to fit the overall philosophy.


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            Union Square Cafe, Cookshop, Five Points, Market Table, Craft, Josies

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              If you can spring for just a wee bit more, go for Blue Hill.

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