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Feb 26, 2008 10:06 AM

"Ethnic" Breakfasts (DFW)

What kind of breakfast options are there that reach outside of our borders? It seems that breakfasts don't travel as far as other meals for some reason. Mostly there's traditional diner breakfasts, pastries, and Mexican breakfasts that may be lacking in their Mexican-ness. Where can I get something else?

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  1. Kindof,

    I believe what you are is something similar to kolaches, paczkis, empanadas - Kolache - in West and Calvert - Paczki - Plano
    Empanadas can be found at either Don Panza - Oak Cliff - Kessler Park for the meaty ones or Argentina Bakery in Irving NEC of Beltline @ 183 (Behind On The Border and Target) (They have great sweet pastries for breakfast).

    Vietnamese don't really have a breakfast dish from what I remember some of my high school friends and other restaurantuers telling me. They just eat what they eat for every meal - pho or bun...could be wrong though.
    Italians eat pastries, whole milk youghurt, fresh fruit, cold cuts and hard rolls. At least from my recent trip to Rome that is what everyone ate.
    Londoners for a typical breakfast might eat bangers, beans, tomatoes, egg over easy, bubble and squeak, toast, bacon (our ham non-smoked)....or other items such as black or white pudding

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      BistroB (as well as some other Vietnamese places) serves congee/rice soup for breakfast until 10am.

      Also, congee for Cantonese breakfast. There isn't really a congee place in Dallas, but Kirin Court's congee is pretty good. Taiwan Cafe serves Taiwanese-style breakfast (interesting dishes) on the weekend .

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        There you go....learn something new everyday!

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          Thanks! This is exactly what I'm looking for. Anything from the subcontinent or ideas of non-pastry type things to get in Koreotown?

        2. re: soulslinger

          At first I thought you were suggesting One The Border and Target. That was scary. I didn't know of Argentina Bakery, so I'm excited to hear about that.