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Feb 26, 2008 09:34 AM

Best Towson Sushi

Just started a new job in Towson and noticed several sushi places. I would like to get a bite and a drink after work soon - so where do I go?

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  1. IMO, Sushi Hana is the only one worth bothering with, and it's not in my top five.

    However, Sans Sushi does have decent if not outstanding Thai food. Their sushi is pretty weak though.

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    1. re: JonParker

      2nd vote for Sushi Hana, although lately on the weekends the place is absolutely packed. IMO the sushi suffers when this happens.

      BTW- When I was in college, I could barely afford to go to taco bell. What's the deal with all the Towson U students mobbing this place on the weekends? I sincerely doubt they work. Spending mommy & daddy's allowance perhaps? Must be nice.

      1. re: JonParker

        Absolutely with you JonParker, Sushi Hana is the best of the bunch, but certainly not a major contender. i've always thought San Sushi does Thai best.

      2. Third vote for Sushi Hana. Nothing special, but fresh fish at reasonable prices. Their drink prices are RIDICULOUS, though, so find out what the specials are (if any) and chase those.

        I actually enjoy San Sushi for some of their more interesting rolls, but the nigiri is mediocre at best.

        1. No matter where you go in Baltimore, the nigiri basically sucks.

          But chances are that you're a roll person. Then, I don't think it matters so much. I work in Towson and have eaten at all the sushi joints and I dream of none of them.

          I'd say that Sushi Hana and San Sushi Too are on par with each other. Kyodai Rotating Sushi is definitely below them. The Orient also has sushi.

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          1. re: onocoffee

            Also, the new sushi place in the old Jasmine space (next to the Recher) is one of those places that seems to believe that over-generous nigiri is a good thing. It isn't. Trying to eat something like 3 ounces of raw salmon on an enormous mound of rice just isn't fun.

            1. re: onocoffee

              I agree that the nigiri in most places in Baltimore is not good. However, I think Sushi Ya in Owings Mills is better than the Towson places. Not the best Ive ever had, but the best in Baltimore.

              The only gripe I had was the rice may have been slightly undercooked and I thought I could taste the water the rice was cooked in. The rice for the nigiri, however, was warm.