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Feb 26, 2008 08:43 AM

No reservations: Romania

Anyone watch? Any Romanians watch? Opinions? AB was back in snarky mode. And of course, the show ended with a slaughtered pig. I think at this point they're doing it 'just because they can'.

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  1. I am a huge fan and a defender of the show but I have to say this was the worst episode I have seen. At some point you have to look at the content like a chef would, if it is not good enough dont send it out. That was just a waste of an hour..really bad. I'll still watch with fingers crossed that it was a flook.

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    1. re: bubbles4me

      I agree, Tony was pretty offensive, so unappealing to watch I turned it off, and I am a big TB fan.

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        I agree. I like AB and NR in general and even liked the Jamaica episode but this one was really lacking. Little culinary and no cultural highlights. I liked the comment, "if it is not good enough dont send it out."

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          I couldn't help but think Zamir screwed this show up. He obviously dragged Tony to events he naturally would have steered clear of ... and then his drunkeness. Those dishes at the feast toward the end looked very interesting, but the focus was on the drunk Zamir. Pity.

        2. Really!...perhaps it is just what they chose to edit and put on film, but this episode on the Travel Channel did nothing to further any ambition of visiting this place in Rumania...totally unappealing...that Zimmern fellow often brings more class where he shows up...As for Bourdain, as with the Jamaican show, he has been weaving a great deal lately...perhaps this is all finally getting to him...He remains a compelling character though.

          1. As someone who loves Bourdain and his shows, I really did not like the episode. It was a shame because his past episodes with his Russian buddy are hilarious, and this one was just not. Usually, I don't mind the cultural parts in lieu of food, but this episode had absolutely no food at all-- and they spent way to much time at that Halloween party. I found myself very bored. All I learned- don't bother going to romania.

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            1. re: charlottecooks

              I'm with you, I am willing to have less food content when there is something interesting to learn about the culture but all I got from this episode is that Romania kind of blows...which I'm sure is not at all true but that was clearly how Bourdain felt or the impression he left me with.

            2. It wasn't the best episode, and I absolutely love Zamir. I have some Roumanian friends and the food can be very tasty. I was disappointed that they didn't concentrate more on the food. It was more like an attempted comedy than a travel show.

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                I was pretty disappointed in the show as well. That said, there are always some things that look good on paper and yet... Visiting historic Dracula's Castle on Halloween sounds like great TV, and yet... See what I mean? Actually the whole debacle of a party made for marvelously painful television. And I do mean painful!

                Speaking of pain, I'll bet that there was much more planned but that Zamir's injury may have curtailed things. That and what seemed to be a reluctance from certain parts of the population to welcome a camera crew resulted in what was not the best planned and executed episode.

                That said, the fact that it made it to the air was probably not Bourdain's idea. He may be the host/writer and may have a say in the locales and guests, but he doesn't own the show and once shot, the producers have pretty much all the leeway. Personally, I've seen worse, I just was sorry to see it on "No Reservations"...

                1. re: Scortch

                  I thought the episode was horrible. The only thing I could think of watching the show is that after filming in Romania for how ever many days, they must not have had anything good to use and had to rely on the stupid segments like the Halloween party and the car, etc.

              2. Interestingly, Michael Palin's New Europe series (also on Travel) was just in Roumania a couple of weeks ago. It was much more informative in terms of travel, of course there was little about food. But there wasn't a whole lot of food on Tony's show either - it seemed to be mostly a lot of schlock with his buddy Zumir. Both shows went to Ceausescu's palace, but Palin provided some history and background. Both went to the funny graveyard with the creative, story-telling markers. Big deal.

                Actually, when I think about it, there was a good amount of food in Tony's show, with whole pigs bracketing it. I guess the schlock was just overwhelming - left a bad taste in my mouth - I mean how many minutes did he waste on Zumir's hiring (buying?) a car that they drive for a while and then breaks down? Or on that ridiculous costume party? Or on Zumir getting drunk? I guess he's tolerable for one show a season...

                Nothing that left me saying, gee I gotta go there and have some of that... whatever...

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                  At the beginning of the car-hiring segment there was a shot of the guy's other wares- a shelf of different colored jars of honey! I was thinking- oh boy, let's talk about artisanal Roumainian honey, but no...