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Feb 26, 2008 08:30 AM

ISO best ham & cheese croissant (Pasadena)

Does anyone have a favorite spot for a ham & cheese croissant in Pasadena?

So far, I've tried Love Birds and Federico's. Love Birds is definitely the winner between the two.... Fedrecio's might have been a contender, but they overwarmed it and it was rubbery.

Any other favorite spots on my quest?

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  1. I like the jalapeno one at the Donut shop in the Vons plaza on Orange Grove/Fair Oaks. Nothing fancy, just good with a kick! They are already made with the ham and cheese enclosed inside. Then they will warm it for you. I also like their breakfast sandwich (#11) and their donut holes.

    1. Corner Bakery makes a pretty good ham (or bacon) and cheese croissant sandwich.

      If you want something a bit different, but just as tasty, if not more so, is the smoked salmon and cream cheese croissant at Julienne. Not the classic, but very tasty.

      1. I haven't tried Whole Foods' ham & cheese croissant, but it LOOKS good and it's huge and inexpensive. You may also want to see if Wheatberry Bakery on Lake Avenue makes it, their pastries are really good quality overall.

        1. Not a ham & cheese croissant BUT the croque monsieur at the french place almost across the street from Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock is unbelievable, even better than the ones I tried in Paris! It's like ham & cheese in heaven...

          1. It isn't Pasadena, but Donut Club on Arrow Hwy. in San Dimas is the best one I have tried.