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Feb 26, 2008 08:26 AM

Parve or non-dairy ice cream in SoFla?

Does anybody know a kosher or health food place in Dade, Brow, or PB which sells soft serve non-dairy/parve ice cream?

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  1. don't know if they have soft serve -- but The Frieze has kosher ice cream.

    Frieze Ice Cream Factory
    1626 Michigan Ave (right next to lincoln road)
    Miami Beach, FL 33139
    (305) 538-0207

    1. Carvel is kosher and there are quite a few stores around - I think they are OU D but they probably have sorbets too. Ask this on the kosher board too. Or you could call Kosher Market in Boca and ask them or the ORB in Broward County (Orthodox Rabbinical Board) which looks after Broward and PBC.
      I came across a kosher ice cream parlour on Yamato near Lyons and 441 a few weeks ago but cannot remember the name. I know they were dairy but they may have parev too.

      1. There are places popping up in South Beach & 2 in Coconut Grove that serve soft serve yogurt flavored yogurt. Concept is like TCBY or something, but the flavor is like plain Dannon yogurt. It's AWESOME.
        One in South Beach is on Alton just N. of Lincoln.
        In Coconut Grove there's one in the 'mall' at the movie theater and also a few blocks away - it's called Red Kiwi.

        All yogurt, all natural, fat free.
        Really good.