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Feb 26, 2008 08:16 AM

Seeking Rest. Recs. from 25th to 45th Streets

I am looking for a restaurant between the mid 20’s and low 40s, east or west side is fine. Just not too east or west. I am meeting a friend for dinner Friday night and we will want to linger and catch up, so no place that is too cramped or will want to turn a table rapidly. I figure theater district restaurants are out. We both work in midtown and she needs to catch a train at Penn Station so we don’t want to be too far from there. Preferred cuisines are Greek, Mediterranean, Italian, French, and American, in that order.

Restaurants that I am coming up with are Ethos, Ilili and Campanile. Have been to all three and would not be unhappy going to any one of them again. However was wondering whether any Hounds had any new suggestions that I have not yet tried. Thanks.

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  1. Try Pars (Persian) on, I think, 26th between 7th & 8th.

      1. Pietro's on 43rd and 2nd is great, great Italian.

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          Been there before, old fashioned Italian. The chicken parm is enough for 2 people.